The World’s Top 6 Places for Natural Healing



 Published January 31, 2020


 Professionally Reviewed By Olivia Mueller

Location can be a large part of recovery. Where you are in the world will set your mood, provide you with the right nourishment and help you eradicate bad habits. The right location will offer you a cathartic release from negativity, give you a chance to reflect and learn, and help you slow down and process the challenging parts involved in recovery.

But the perfect healing place can be a tricky thing to find; by and large, these idyllic areas of the world are few and far between, despite how fundamental they are to our overall happiness and healing in life.

In this blog, we showcase six of the top natural healing places in the world.

1. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Scandinavia is known for its natural healing remedies. Finland has saunas,1 Copenhagen has Hygge2 and Iceland has mineral salt baths. For someone going through recovery, this part of the world has much to offer.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is healing at its finest. It’s a natural geothermic lagoon that oozes mineral-rich volcanic sulfur, which helps to exfoliate your skin and rejuvenate your mind.

Relax and learn how to become more present-minded while surrounded by Iceland’s glorious volcanic landscape. Be sure to visit the spa for a bathrobe, slippers and a cleansing mud mask, too.

2. The Healing Forests, Japan

Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy is a real thing, and it’s helping many people get back to nature, slow down and ultimately, find a sense of peace. ‘Forest bathing’ (as it’s commonly called) was developed in Japan in the 1980s and has become a fundamental part of modern Japanese medicine.

Many people in Japan believe that, quite simply, if a person visits a natural area and walks in a relaxed way (unlike the agenda-driven walks of London and New York), there are calming, restorative benefits to be achieved. It’s about opening up your senses, taking in the beauty of your environment, and working on becoming more focused on the here and now. For those going through recovery, forest bathing might just be the thing needed to find the reset button.

3. Mount Shasta, California

No, you don’t have to jet-set off to the far east to find a sense of spirituality, you can drive to the state of California and hike Mount Shasta, a mountain best known as the place where heaven and Earth meet.

Many people believe that they are called to Mount Shasta and that it is a ‘dimensional doorway to the frequency of love’. There are also guided meditations up the mountain helping you to connect your star seed lineage and find a sense of grounding.

When you come back down again, expect to be newly born again. This is natural healing at its finest.

4. Ubud, Bali

The jungle city of Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali has long been known as a place of natural healing. From art classes to yoga, to indulging in cleansing foods, this Hindu island is nicknamed ‘the island of the Gods’, and anyone visiting Ubud can expect to go on a spiritual journey and find peace.

Every spring, Bali celebrates an Indonesian Day of Silence3 where all distractions are removed and all noise stops. There are multiple wellness centres and tranquil areas to explore in Ubud, many of which are designed to help you progress along your journey to recovery.

[Be sure to explore our list of the best rehabs and wellness retreats in Bali, 2 of which are in Ubud. In the video below, we tour some of the top rehabs in Bali and explore what makes this island so special.]

5. Le Monastere des Augustines, Quebec City

A big part of the natural healing process is removing the distractions we surround ourselves with in everyday life, and Quebec City’s Le Monastere des Augustines is exactly the place to do it. This quiet hotel focuses on the mind, body and spirit, helping you form good self-care habits and rediscover balance.

Sleep therapy, spirituality, stress release and an appreciation for silence are all fundamental reasons to pay this hotel a visit, and outside its walls sits the small French-Canadian town of Quebec City, so you’re not entirely removed from some of the western comforts you might be more used to.

6. The Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel

Visitors from around the world come to the Dead Sea4 for therapeutic floats on its salty waters. This potassium-rich body of water is famous for its natural healing properties, and many people fly in to pay a visit to one of the resorts located along its shoreline.

The Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on Earth, and its natural healing powers include drawing out toxins from the body, soothing stress and reducing inflammation and swelling. Emerge with silky smooth skin and a calmed, collected mindset.


Natural Healing and the Journey to Recovery

Recovering from addiction and mental health concerns anywhere in the world is tough, and no matter where you go, problems will arise, hurdles will be faced, and challenges will present themselves.

Unfortunately, to overcome the hardship of addiction, you must turn and face it. But you don’t have to do this in a negative or everyday environment. You can work through your recovery in a supportive, guided place, a place where natural healing remedies will aid you in your journey to recovery and help you not only conquer your troubles but eradicate them for good.

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