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What Does it Cost to go to Rehab in Malibu (And Why do so Many People Pay)?



 Published January 16, 2020


Want to compare Malibu treatment options? Check out our collection of 25+ luxury Malibu rehabs. We’ve compiled pricing info, treatment specializations, and other key differentiators to help you find the best rehab option in Malibu.

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that attending rehab in Malibu is expensive. It’s where Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan, and plenty of other rich and famous people have checked in, often spending multiple thousands on an ocean-view room (Mel Gibson went to Passages, where a room starts at $80,000 a month, for example).

But how much does it really cost you to go to rehab in Malibu? And why are people willing to pay the prices?

Here’s everything you need to know.

No Place Like Malibu

The city of Malibu is located about 30 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, along scenic Highway 1, and encompassing a 21-mile strip of coastline. Home to Hollywood stars, glorious sandy beaches, and some of the best surf along the entire Pacific coast, Malibu also comes to mind when thinking of the word “rehab.”

In 2013, the New York Times reported1 that there were 35 state-licensed drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the Malibu area alone (which had a population of just 12,645), along with an ever-rising collection of unlicensed sober-living homes popping up across the city.

Today, it seems Malibu has a rehab center on almost every corner, and many of these have ventured beyond traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, treating mental health conditions too, and often adopting more unique, experiential and alternative treatment approaches.

What Does it Cost to go to Rehab in Malibu?

With such a desired location, treatment in Malibu is bound to be costly. The answer here depends on which rehab center you’re looking to visit, not to mention any insurance benefits that may help with some of the costs.

Passages (where Mel went) is one of the most luxurious of all the residential providers in Malibu, and its price also reflects this. For your $80,000-per-month stay, you get access to the following:

  • 5 different estates, which offer exquisite ocean-view rooms
  • 10 acres of Malibu paradise
  • Tennis courts
  • A glass-housed gym and personal trainer
  • A private and tranquil detox unit
  • Two swimming pools and a Jacuzzi

They can treat up to 29 clients at a time, and they recommend a 60-day commitment to guided sobriety.

There are, of course, less expensive alternatives to Passages. SOBA Recovery Center, which features one-to-one therapy with renowned therapists and supportive aftercare meetings, costs more than $38,000 for the first 30 days of treatment. This provider also offers alternative approaches to rehabilitation, including Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR) and Equine Therapy (EAP).

While Passages and Summit Malibu sit at the two ends of the financial scale, there are many other rehab options between them, such as

And there are several reasons so many are willing to pay Malibu prices …

The Beach is Right There

Of course, a big benefit to receiving addiction and mental health treatment in Malibu is the beautiful scenery and warm climate. Whether it’s the sound of barreling waves breaking along the shoreline, the sight of an epic sunset along the Pacific horizon, or the smells of fresh sea air and the feel of a light breeze on your face, Malibu is a truly magical location, a location that can help you find that all-important reset button.

Malibu offers complete tranquility, calmness and peace. It’s a place where you can switch off, slow down and take the time to watch the sun descend below the horizon, every single day.

You’re Close Enough to Normal Life

Given how close Malibu is to Hollywood and LA, it makes for the perfect place to escape without needing to disassociate from everyday life completely. Many Californian residents, for example, can attend a program and continue to receive follow-up care, reducing the rate of relapse down the road.

Places like Passages offer relapse prevention counseling, for example, while other centers offer clients specialized outpatient treatment, so clients can go about their regular life while continuing treatment.

While most of the centers mentioned are primarily residential, for some people, outpatient treatment is the best approach to their recovery. It gives people a sense of normality, and it helps bring the lessons learned in recovery into real life, helping them overcome issues for good.

There’s an Array of Specialized Centers

Many rehab centers in Malibu are well experienced in treating high-profile individuals and the issues they face, such as alcohol and drug use. For instance, Center for Professional Recovery and Seasons in Malibu specialize in treating executives, celebrities, doctors, lawyers and the like.

Other groups can also find treatment tailored to them. Paradigm Malibu, for instance, is committed to treating underlying core issues that are impacting the lives of teens and Visions Adolescent Treatment offers top-of-the-line treatment to teens specifically aged between 13 and 18 years of age.

Across providers in Malibu, there’s a wide range of alternative and holistic wellness programs that help those suffering from issues like mental health disorders and trauma as well.

Malibu has Some of the Best Recovery Centers in the World

Because of its location, Malibu has become one of the most sought-after rehab locations in America. Malibu, in many ways, invented the stereotypical high-end, resort-style rehab center. Some have received criticism of simply being a spa or vacation and lax on the hard work of recovery. However, many providers offer both the luxury of vacation-like settings and solid clinical treatment. For instance, centers like Alo House Recovery, Seasons in Malibu and Avalon Malibu have some of the best clinicians across the country, and as a consequence, the quality of treatment often outranks many other centers.

There are Many Reasons so Many Pay the Cost to Attend Rehab in Malibu

It’s home to an abundance of alcohol and drug addiction rehabs that exclusively treat high-end clients and often get attention from the press, which may be the reason the general public associates “rehab” with Malibu and with Hollywood stars.

But Hollywood aside, Malibu is the location of choice for many looking to recover due to the various treatment options and the beautiful weather and scenery.

A person would have to travel far and wide to find a place similar to Malibu. The likes of Spain, for example, hold up in terms of climate and tranquility, and Thailand offers warmth and a less expensive rehab experience as well.

Malibu, then, is an extremely popular destination of choice for rehab. To find out more about rehab in Malibu and to find a luxury rehab, visit here.

  1. Haldeman, Peter. “An Intervention for Malibu.” The New York Times, 13 Sept. 2013., []

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