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Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track)


Dana Point, California, United States

  • $62,000 (Insurance Accepted)

  • 30-60 days

This Faith-Based track provides premium medical treatment and accommodations with nondenominational, Christ-centered addiction treatment.

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Connect with Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track) by messaging their admissions team directly.


Nearby Centers to Consider

Luxurious Private Treatment

Spacious private rooms with ocean views available. Well-prepared meals, a fitness center, spa and beach access are just some of the amenities that we offer.

Nondenominational Christian Track

The Nondenominational Christian Based Track at Dana Point Rehab focuses on Introspection, Patience & Reflection to help fight off addiction. Meditation, Appreciation, Engagement, One-on-One Pastoral Care, and Weekly Church Service and Bible Studies are available onsite.

Family Support Program

Weekly virtual sessions are offered to family members of loved ones going through recovery. Valuable resources and information are provided to ensure continued family support.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Devoted to successful recovery, we specialize in managing co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring or dual-diagnosis treatment is a term that describes a person who experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder at the same time.

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There are currently no reviews of this center. Are you a former client, a loved one of a former client, or a professional that has referred to Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track)? We'd love to hear from you.

Common Questions About Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track)

How much does Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track) cost?

While costs may vary due to program length and insurance benefits, it typically costs $62,000 (Insurance Accepted).

Where is Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track) located?

Dana Point, California, United States.

How long is treatment?

The typical length is 30-60 days.

Does Dana Point Rehab (Faith-Based Treatment Track) offer detox?

Yes, services include detox (on-site with residential).