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GraceWay Recovery Residence


Albany, Georgia, United States

  • $5,000+

  • 30+ days

Women's only non-profit Victorian home offering a community-based atmosphere, resources, and jobs to help sustain long-term sobriety.

Highlights from the Center

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  • 19 Years in Business

  • Accredited

  • 12-Step Approach

  • Women Only

  • Customized Treatment Plans





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Peaceful Setting

Located in downtown Albany, our center boasts beautiful Georgia sunshine and a tranquil setting. Residents will get to experience unique travel destinations such as Radium Springs, which is one of Georgia's 7 natural wonders.

12-Step Foundation

GraceWay's foundation is based on the 12-step methodology of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. At GraceWay, residents will find a safe atmosphere of 'women helping women'.

Finding Purpose and Preparing For The Future

One of the many aspects that sets GraceWay apart is our partnership with two local businesses, The Bread House & Granary and The Whittlesey House. All residents begin employment at The Bread House, bought in 2009 by Founder Debbie Mazur. Residents will learn job training skills, find purpose, and become financially responsible and independent through this experience.


We welcome women in all stages of life, including pregnancy. Though this does vary case-by-case, we strive to welcome all who need our services. Family is a strong focus of our treatment style, starting within the womb. Children are welcome to visit and stay with their mothers during Phase II of our treatment program. Visits and stays start out weekends-only and gradually expand during Phase II.

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