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The Menninger Clinic


Houston, Texas, United States

  • $1,400-$2,000/day

  • 6 weeks

Located on 50 acres, The Menninger Clinic is a private and comfortable campus offering a biopsychosocial treatment approach for all ages.

Highlights from the Center


These highlights are provided by and paid for by the center. For more information contact
  • Insurance Accepted

  • Pool

  • Holistic Approach

  • Private Rooms Available

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Menninger has been ranked in the top 10 national psychiatry leaders by U.S. News & World Report for 32 consecutive years. This, along with their proven treatment success, can help clients choose their care provider with confidence.

Serene and Private Setting

A welcoming oasis in the heart of Houston, Menninger Clinic’s 50-acre campus offers plenty of opportunities to renew and relax. A saltwater pool, gym, and private rooms for adults helps make their experience as rejuvenating as it is healing. Chef-prepared meals and an on-site café provide healthy, nourishing food throughout treatment.


The Menninger Clinic uses objective, research-based, gold-standard assessments to prove the effectiveness of their treatment. Their biopsychosocial treatment model helps reach and heal all areas of the mind, body, and spirit for full and lasting recovery. With that, and their highly experienced staff, Menninger can help each client heal from mental health disorders, trauma, and addiction.

Help for All Ages

Children, adolescents, young adults, and adults can all receive treatment at The Menninger Clinic. Specialized approaches for each age group make treatment as relevant as possible, and provide greater comradery during group sessions. Educational services help educate clients and their families about the nuances of addiction, mental health disorders, and what can inhibit long-lasting wellness.

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At Menninger, skilled, compassionate nurses and therapists and doctors helped me see not only what my problems and diagnoses were; they provided solutions. Today I live in harmony with my family and the world. I’ve been gifted by Menninger with a sense of peace. My future is defined by my choices, not my pain. Life is good.


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Common Questions About The Menninger Clinic

How much does The Menninger Clinic cost?

While costs may vary due to program length and insurance benefits, it typically costs $1,400-$2,000/day.

Where is The Menninger Clinic located?

Houston, Texas, United States.

How long is treatment?

The typical length is 6 weeks.