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Mercui Recovery


Aspen, Colorado, United States

  • $75,000-$150,000 (per week)

  • flexible, typically 3+ weeks

Mercui offers a holistic approach in mountain, beach, or countryside locations to serve you exclusively and discreetly (strict privacy). In-home also available.





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Nearby Centers to Consider

Comprehensive Treatment

Mercui retreat program’s 9 hours/day treatment regimen addresses every element of human function and wellness, including psychotherapy, value based neurological conditioning, trauma therapy through EMDR, somatic experiencing, CBT, NFB, family therapy and mindfulness work.

Expert Team (15+ staff to 1 client)

During a client’s residential stay no less than 15 professionals interact seamlessly in a harmonized team; the medical team comprises a lead physician, psychiatrists, family specialists and a 24/7 team of psychotherapists. A critical care team is also on operational standby, if required for higher risk cases.

Biochemical Restoration

Pioneering Bio-R analysis allows for very specified medical recommendations. Often closely linked with mental health disorders, biochemical imbalances are healed with a sustained program of biomolecular restoration-rejuvenation, orthomolecular medicine and biomolecular treatments to complement intensive psychotherapy.

There are currently no reviews of this center. Are you a former client, a loved one of a former client, or a professional that has referred to Mercui Recovery? We'd love to hear from you.