Origins Recovery Center


South Padre Island, Texas, United States

  • $31,000

  • 30-90 days

Origins Recovery Center is a beach style rehab for men offering a 12-step treatment approach, multi-day family program, and beach access.

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  • Men Only

  • Beach Access

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Licensed by Texas HHS

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Gender-Separate Recovery For Men

At Origins Recovery Center, we remove the stigma associated with asking for help and provide a safe space where men can find lifelong sobriety. Our highly-credentialed addiction professionals are trained to address deeply rooted issues and clear a path to emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Origins Team Approach

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment allows our diverse team of clinical and medical professionals to treat addictive illnesses and co-occurring disorders effectively. Our dynamic treatment team is capable of meeting the medical, clinical, psychological, and spiritual needs of each patient.

Accredited by The American Society of Addiction Medicine

Origins Recovery Center is one of the few programs in Texas accredited by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). This esteemed designation ensures that we offer a full range of care for addiction and co-occurring conditions in a 24-hour setting.

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