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Passages Malibu



The business owner of this center has claimed this listing and verified the information is correct within the last 12 months.

Malibu, California, United States

  • $95,000/month

  • 30+ days

Five magnificent estates, equipped with extravagant amenities, border the Pacific, giving Passages Malibu a powerful combo of luxury and proficient treatment.



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    • Holistic


      A non-medicinal, wellness-focused approach that aims to align the mind, body, and spirit for deep and lasting healing.

    • Non 12 Step

      Non 12 Step

      Non-12-Step philosophies veer from the spiritual focus of the 12-Steps and instead treat the disease of addiction with holistic or secular modalities.

    • Personalized Treatment

      Personalized Treatment

      The specific needs, histories, and conditions of individual patients receive personalized, highly relevant care throughout their recovery journey.


    • Acupuncture

    • Art Therapy

      Art Therapy

      Visual art invites patients to examine the emotions within their work, focusing on the process of creativity and its gentle therapeutic power.

    • Equine Therapy

      Equine Therapy

      Connecting with specially-trained horses during recovery can enhance emotional awareness, trust, impulse control, and more.

    • Massage Therapy

      Massage Therapy

      Massage therapy relieves physical and emotional tension, reduces pain, promotes relaxation, and improves emotion regulation.

    • Music Therapy

      Music Therapy

      Singing, performing, and even listening to music can be therapeutic. Music therapy sessions are facilitated by certified counselors.

    • Yoga


      Yoga is both a physical and spiritual practice. It includes a flow of movement, breathing techniques, and meditation.

    • 1-on-1 Counseling

      1-on-1 Counseling

      Patient and therapist meet 1-on-1 to work through difficult emotions and behavioral challenges in a personal, private setting.

    • Relapse Prevention Counseling

      Relapse Prevention Counseling

      Relapse prevention counselors teach patients to recognize the signs of relapse and reduce their risk.

    What We Treat

    • Alcohol


      Using alcohol as a coping mechanism, or drinking excessively throughout the week, signals an alcohol use disorder.

    • Prescription Drugs

      Prescription Drugs

      It's possible to abuse any drug, even prescribed ones. If you crave a medication, or regularly take it more than directed, you may have an addiction.

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