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Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

  • (1 Reviews)

  • $43,000 AUD/ week

  • 30 Days

Raindrum offers private, evidence-based, and exclusive treatment for one client at a time, administered from luxury homes by a dedicated and personal team.

Highlights from the Center


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  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • Wellness Emphasis

  • Private Villa

  • One Client at a Time

Message Raindrum

Connect with Raindrum by messaging their admissions team directly.


Outcome-Oriented Addiction Treatment

Raindrum understands that behind most addictions are a complex set of past traumas and behaviours. The base cause of addiction can often come to light by looking into the past, allowing Raindrum’s professionals to help create a new, sustainable path forward. Raindrum’s intensive programs are focused on positive, lasting change.

One Client at a Time

Housing just one client in each luxury home, Raindrum offers 5-star residential homes with beachside or country options, depending on the client’s preference and needs. Clients enjoy their own private, luxury accommodations, with 24/7 care and Raindrum’s services delivered to the home. Clients experience a full complement of staff dedicated to their needs in comfortable, private surroundings.

Co-Occurring Conditions Treatment

Raindrum addresses more than just the symptoms of addiction. Understanding the need for comprehensive, deep care, they treat mental health conditions with or without the presence of addiction. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, and burnout respond well to Raindrum’s treatment plans.

Preventative Care

To identify potential problems, Raindrum provides science-based preventative wellness programs. Starting with extensive medical testing, Raindrum then addresses holistic, physical, and mental health. Raindrum’s preventative programs are designed to reboot clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.

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Review Summary


(1 Reviews)

1 out of 1 reviewers recommend this provider.


Food & Nutrition




Former sports Person

Former Client

Occupation: Hospitality

Treatment Received: 2020

Length of Stay: 14 days


The time spent allowed me to separate from my chaotic schedule in an amazing environment with the most compassionate caring people I’ve ever met.I had trauma in my life and the time spent set me on a new path to rediscover who I actually was.I re set goals and now feel I’m the person I always was but had got lost through some difficult circumstances which I’d struggled to cope with on my own.


Food & Nutrition



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Common Questions About Raindrum

How much does Raindrum cost?

While costs may vary due to program length and insurance benefits, it typically costs $43,000 AUD/ week.

Where is Raindrum located?

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

How long is treatment?

The typical length is 30 Days.

Does Raindrum offer detox?

Yes, services include detox (on-site with residential).