Alcohol Rehabs in San Juan Capistrano

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Featured Rehabs Serving San Juan Capistrano


Alo House Recovery

Malibu & Los Angeles, California

Alo House provides compassionate treatment focused on connection and a full continuum of services.


Bayside Marin

San Rafael, California, United States

With remarkably qualified staff and deluxe accomodations, Bayside Marin offers a blend of holistic and traditional therapies crafted for each unique individual.


Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab

Calistoga, California, United States

Since 1967, Duffy's has helped over 38,000 people, providing clinically excellent care in a friendly, homelike atmosphere amidst the serenity of Napa Valley.


Sierra by the Sea

Newport Beach, California, United States

With multiple facilities strategically located on magnificent Newport Beach, Sierra by the Sea provides gender-specific, primary and long-term treatment.