Sandstone Care Colorado Detox


Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

  • $12,000+ (Insurance Accepted)

  • 5+ days

Sandstone Care Colorado Detox is a 12-bed medical detox center offering mountain views and individual therapy. Our medically assisted detox offers 24/7 supervised care in an intimate setting to support a safe stabilization from drugs and alcohol.

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  • Joint Commission Accredited

  • On-site Medical Detox

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Joint Commission Accredited

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24/7 Medically Supervised Care

Feel secure knowing we are here to help at any moment. That is what we provide at our Detox Center. Licensed professionals are there for you at any moment to ensure you have the support you need and have a comfortable stay.

Co-Occurring Disorders

We understand the importance of treating the whole person, which includes addressing co-occurring disorders concurrently with substance abuse and/or addiction. Because there can be an overlap in symptoms, it’s very important to treat both challenges together.

Continuum of Care

In addition to our residential program, we have a full continuum of care with varying outpatient treatment programs designed to meet your unique situation and needs. Once a client is ready, they can proceed to the next level of treatment.

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