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Boquete, Panama

With years of experience and an impressive track record, Serenity Vista offers world-class addiction treatment in a tropical and harmonious environment.


Countryside, Tropical


$14,850 (45 days)


45-90 days

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International +1 (786) 245-4067

Local 507 6839 0569


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  • Price & Length

    $14,850 | 45 days

    $23,100 | 70 days

    $29,700 | 90 days

    Extended options available

  • Who We Treat

    Men and Women

    People with mild physical and,or intellectual disabilities

    Pregnant Women

    Midlife Adults



  • Alcohol

  • Young Adults

  • Executive Treatment

  • Professionals Treatment (e.g. doctors, lawyers, pilots)


  • Group Therapy

  • Twelve Step

  • Experiential

  • Holistic


  • Motivational Interviewing and Enhancement Therapy (MET)

  • Experiential Therapy

  • Massage Therapy (clinical and medical focus)

  • Relaxation Therapy

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What We Treat

  • Smoking Cessation

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  • Support Meetings

  • Ability to Call a Counselor

  • Aftercare Recovery Coach

  • Follow-up Sessions (online)

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Special Considerations

  • Executive Program

  • Gender-specific groups

  • LGBTQ group

  • Young Adults Program

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  • Fitness Center

  • Pool

  • Sauna

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  • Hiking

  • Movies

  • Massage

  • Yoga

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2 out of 2 reviewers recommend this provider.


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  • Access to Nature (1)
  • Addressed Trauma (1)
  • Beautiful Location (1)
  • Supportive Aftercare (1)
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Former Client

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Treatment Received: 2019

Length of Stay: 90 days

Conditions Treated: Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Ecstasy, Opioids, Benzodiazepines, Alcohol, Nicotine / Smoking


It is no exaggeration when I say Serenity Vista saved my life. This program treats addiction on all levels: body mind and soul. I received the acute attention I needed to heal because of the small number of patients. My life has changed dramatically for the better. Once in the darkness, I have shifted into the light of a life I never thought was possible. John and Jane Derry care so deeply about each patient. The program is individualized to cater to each persons specific needs so you can heal properly and on your own time. They take you in and treat you with the utmost love and compassion. I can honestly say they have become family to me. This is a program that works. I am now thankful for every day with pep in my sober step and have newfound purpose and positive perspective. From the bottom of my heart, I recommend this program of recovery to everyone and anyone.

Response from Center

Thank you for your review, Claire. We never take lightly the time and effort it takes a former guest to make a review. The full experience of the intense holistic 90-day program of recovery can not be equated to a simple TripAdvisor 'how was your hotel stay'. Recovering from the seemingly hopeless state of mind, body & spirit of active addiction requires nothing less than a complete rearrangement of thoughts, feelings, and actions. A full turn around. Being able to work with people like the above reviewer, being witness to, and helping to facilitate this miraculous life change is why we have dedicated our lives to sharing the message of hope. Claire is a powerful testament & manifestation of the possibilities of full recovery.


Food & Nutrition




  • Access to Nature

  • Addressed Trauma

  • Beautiful Location

  • Supportive Aftercare

  • Straightforward Costs & Expectations

  • Friendly & Competent Staff

The provider’s claims accurately describes who they are and what they do: Agree

Would recommend

Jane B.

Loved One of a Former Client

From: USA

Treatment Received: 2019

Length of Stay: 90 days


First of all, you are putting yourself or your beloved in the hands of two owners and founders who watch and care for each patient with generosity and wit. They are Good People. They are gifted, experienced caregivers who have seen it all and decided to help people in a large, Garden of Eden sort of setting. They are even funny at times. What surprised me most was the amount of attention from 4 or 5 different counselors, all trained in addiction. The shock is there are so many caregivers compared to patients and the benefit is also different styles of therapy. It’s easy to understand why the professional staff is so excellent; they chose to live in Panama and they were hired by John and Jane.

The way you get well is by interacting with trained people. For comparison of the staff at Serenity Vista, the only other place I know is an established and expensive center north of Manhattan which treated my adult child for almost two months. Unfortunately, the psychologists my daughter saw there were disappointing, unprofessional and generally not helpful.

Because of good management Serenity Vista’s fees make it possible to stay longer, even though the program is situated in an upscale English-speaking town in Panama. Most humans can’t give up alcohol addiction in 30 days; the brain resists. The reason other places Stateside say 30 days is because insurance company told them so -- after 30 they stop paying. No doctor, no scientific study made that decision. If you can stay 45 or 60 or 90 days then the mind’s habits have a chance to change, making re-entry much safer, much easier. The psychological work can bring up painful memories, but the people around you care and are trained and understand. Plus, it’s happening to you in the midst of great physical beauty, the care of nature, and readiness for the next physical activity.

I believe some addiction programs offer different activities but some essentially offer ‘a room and a bed.’ It makes sense that keeping the guest interested (attention out there) with varied activities and real challenges during the day helps the cure. Hiking, music, art and crafts with goals, sunshine, yoga, writing answers after thought-provoking videos or directed reading. A loving dog to take on beautiful walks, colorful sounds, birds, butterflies all around. Fabulous meals. Meditation alone next to the stream which runs through the private grounds. That’s what guests take for granted on a daily basis. For granted. Then many days have an expected treat: an excursion to swim in a mountain waterfall, to grill fresh fish on a secluded beach; to enjoy a spa and massage; to laugh during drum circle. Evidently, thrills and adrenaline challenges help the mind to change. There are many ways to get well at Serenity Vista.

Of course, my adult daughter put in the work: after lots of self-examination and tearful insight, real work, talking on the phone with her I could simply hear that she was happier than she’d been in years. The counselors at Serenity Vista helped her plan coming back to the States, and she speaks with them about every day. She said she misses the gourmet food and everyone gathered around the table for meals.

If you have any doubts, just do yourself a favor and call John or Jane. Or better, just do it.


Food & Nutrition



The provider’s claims accurately describes who they are and what they do: Agree

Would recommend

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