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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asia’s only treatment centre with separate programs for mental health and addiction, The Dawn offers Western psychotherapy, Eastern wellness practices, TMS, on-site detox, and more.


Countryside, Riverside, Tropical




28+ days

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About The Dawn Rehab

The Dawn is a tranquil, unique residential rehabilitation centre located just outside of the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health, The Dawn is the only rehab centre in Asia to provide separate treatment programmes for addiction and mental health disorders. At our serene, riverside sanctuary we have assisted hundreds of clients struggling with substance or behavioural addictions, trauma, anxiety, burnout, depression, and dual-diagnoses, helping them to recover, heal, and thrive.

Our resort-like facility offers a peaceful environment far away from the daily triggers and stressors that can complicate your initial journey into recovery. At The Dawn, your recovery will be fortified with an array of innovative Western therapeutic techniques as well as proven Eastern wellness practices. Even if you’ve experienced challenges with treatment in the past, the high level of personal attention you’ll receive at The Dawn combined with a customised and adaptable treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs will help you achieve new levels of personal discovery and growth.

At The Dawn, you will benefit from a holistic treatment approach that addresses all factors contributing to your current struggles—including underlying issues, past experiences, relationships, living environment, and family dynamics. Under the guidance of our clinical team, you will uncover and address the root causes of your condition, gaining a deeper understanding of what you are struggling with. Our team specialises in treating unresolved trauma, an issue often underpinning addiction and mental illness that few other drug rehab centres in Thailand address.

A Boutique Rehab Where Big Changes Occur

At The Dawn, we offer a close, welcoming environment where you will get to know both our treatment team as well as other clients. Our staff is highly attuned to the individual needs of the clients, looking not only at the issue that brings you to The Dawn, but who you are and your life as a whole. While larger rehabs often have a dizzying number of clients that can add to your stress, at The Dawn you’ll feel a sense of safety and comfort and benefit from a supportive community. You’ll make friendships, and will feel secure that our team is there for you whenever you need it.

Our multidisciplinary team of Western-trained therapists is fully versed in the most current treatment techniques, and due to our low client numbers are able to focus their full attention on what will work best for you. They are supported by a 24-hour on-site clinical team who have years of experience in working with clients undergoing detox, as well as those struggling with psychological issues.

The Dawn is recognised as one of the top drug rehabs in Thailand, but we are equally respected by mental health professionals around the world for our highly effective mental health programme.

The Dawn’s Mental Health Retreat in Thailand

The common approach among rehab centres in Thailand is to treat a mental health issue as a co-occurring disorder with addiction—not as a stand-alone condition. This is due to the programmatic focus of many Thailand rehabs on addiction. This means that serious, chronic conditions like mood and personality disorders won’t be the primary focus of your treatment, and will only be addressed for an hour or two per week in individual counselling sessions.

At The Dawn, we are fully equipped to give your mental health needs the full attention that they deserve. We have a dedicated mental health programme that is distinct from our addiction programme to serve clients struggling with mental health conditions unrelated to addiction. In addition to longstanding psychotherapeutic treatment methods and definitive wellness practices, The Dawn is the only residential treatment centre in Asia to offer the cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy for clients resistant to anti-depressant medication. When clients arrive who have turned to substances as a way to cope with their mental illness, The Dawn is experienced in moving clients easily between the two programmes according to their specific needs. No matter what your unique needs are, we will be able to help you find relief, and recover at The Dawn.

Team of Expert Clinicians

Led by David Smallwood, former clinical director of the Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland and manager of the Priory Hospital Addiction Unit in North London, our stellar team stays up-to-the-minute on the latest therapeutic developments in addiction and behavioural health. Our clients and staff are one big family, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll be welcomed into it. You won’t feel like a number here – everyone you come into contact with each day will know you by name. At The Dawn, we treat you as a person, not a problem.

Progressive Treatment Methods

We combine evidence-based techniques like CBT, DBT and the 12 Steps with modern treatment methods like TMS and neurofeedback for an all-encompassing approach to your recovery. Your conventional therapy will be enhanced by non-drug alternative therapies like mindfulness meditation, yoga and massage to help you relax into a therapeutic state and accelerate your progress. By learning new practices, you’ll gain the tools you need to deal with life’s temptations and challenges and stay confidently sober for the long haul.

A Tropical Thai Rehab Resort

Our tranquil grounds are set on the banks of the Ping River, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai villages. You’ll feel cool and comfortable in your private resort-style accommodation, where you can sleep to the soothing sounds of the water and wake up to sunny skies, fresh air and stunning natural scenery. And you’ll have convenient access to our full range of services and amenities such as swimming pool, health spa, sauna, fitness centre and game room.

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Professional Staff

David Smallwood

Clinical Director

Author of “Who Says I’m an Addict” Masters in Addiction Counselling Psychology FDAP (NCAC)

Tony Tan

Clinical Manager

Psychologist, Trauma Specialist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist MPsych (Australia), CSAT III, CGAT II, EMDR II, Master NLP Coach, Interactive Hypnotherapy

Wei Ling

Clinical Psychologist


Alan Wood


Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice, BA in Addictions Counselling, FDAP

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“I feel happier, I feel more confident. I actually love myself for the first time in 20 years.”

Christine (Australia)

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William St. John Barry

Loved One of a Former Client

Profile: Male

From: Ibiza

Treatment Received: 2018

Length of Stay: 90 days

Conditions Treated: Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Marijuana


At a time of severe family crisis caused by my son's addiction to class A drugs The Dawn provided a first class highly professional rehabilitation setting in the tranquil Chiang Mai country side enabling my son to receive the empathetic support and therapy he required to respond in a positive manner to his treatment and to embrace his recovery. Since arriving at The Dawn in September 2018 and up to the present ...25 May 2019 my son has been free from drugs and for the last six months has not been on any prescribed medication. Whilst still early days I am optimistic about my son's continued recovery and I shall always be grateful for the life changing rehabilitation he received at The Dawn.

Response from Center

Dear William, Thank you for your kind review. Our clinical and support teams will be delighted to hear how well your son is doing in his recovery - he too put in a lot of hard work and so deserves half the credit. We wish your family only the best as you support him in maintaining his recovery as a top priority. Please feel free to let us know if we can be of assistance in any way. The Dawn Management


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Former Client

Profile: Male

From: Singapore

Occupation: Finance

Treatment Received: 2019

Length of Stay: 45 days

Conditions Treated: Benzodiazepines, Anxiety, Nicotine / Smoking, Ecstasy, Depression, Alcohol, Marijuana, Trauma


I spent 2 weeks in the addiction track and 4 weeks in the mental health group. I learnt a lot about myself, my disorders and coping tools. I was very pleased with the overall experience. The low amount of clients at the Dawn made it very intimate. I enjoyed the group therapy, where I was made to share my experiences and learnt from others. The counsellors, gym and meditation instructors where great. I was however a little disappointed with the lack of closure or formal farewell process.

Response from Center

Dear Al, Thank-you very much for your positive feedback. We are glad you found your stay at The Dawn a beneficial experience. We have passed on your positive words to the counsellors and our gym and holistic staff—they will surely appreciate them. Our online weekly aftercare groups are always available to you if you require them. The Dawn team wishes you the best of luck in your recovery journey. The Dawn Management Team


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  • Straightforward Costs & Expectations

  • Beautiful Location

  • Treated With Respect

  • Fun Activities

  • Confidential

  • Excellent & Effective Treatment Programming

  • Friendly & Competent Staff


  • Shallow Post-Treatment Planning

  • Not Enough Time With Therapist

The provider’s claims accurately describes who they are and what they do: Agree

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The Dawn Rehab

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