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The Dawn Rehab


Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Insurance Accepted

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  • 28+ days

One of Asia’s only internationally accredited treatment centers, treating addiction and mental health using client-centered and evidence-based treatment.

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  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

  • Holistic Approach

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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Prescription Drugs

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“I feel happier, I feel more confident. I actually love myself for the first time in 20 years.”

Christine (Australia)


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2022 (30 days) • Reviewed November 29th, 2022

Former Client

Business owner


First I found myself at the Dawn not by planning but by chance. An event in Bangkok lead to my being in this facility. Also they rushed to get me in as I needed. I must say it is one of the best things that ever happen to me and I am happy I was afforded the chance. I found it to be a real place to focus on my problems and reflect on all the pain they had caused to my love ones and to myself, as well as business. There is something special about the Dawn, if you go really trying to "get better." I listened and learned from my peers, especially those my age or close. I am not a kid anymore so I was happy to see adults who have actually lived life and went through the hard-ships as well as the good times. As well I was assigned to what believe was the best counsellor for me, Paolo. He was straight forward and direct. That is the only approach that would have worked with me. He was also very kind. Paolo, thank you for your help. In addition they whole staff from admin. to nursing were great and very kind to me; so I have no complains. There is good and bad in everything, or any place but I feel if one goes here focused on finding the good you will. I would also say that people like me, being from the US but working in Japan and other Eastern countries there is no where to go like this. So Thailand has what Japan does not. I would recommend doing this for yourself. As I realized at the Dawn I must do it for myself. You will have the freedom there to "think" without dis-traction. Something switched in me after many decades of my life style. I did have an extreme way of life for many years. I feel I can let that go, finally. I do understand this will be an everyday challenge but now I have a new mindset, soul-set. Thank you Dawn. Michael

The Dawn Rehab

Dear Michael Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We are so happy to hear that you had a positive experience at The Dawn. Also, we are so glad that The Dawn was able to provide you with a space to focus on your problems and reflect on their impact. And yes, those who reap the biggest benefits from treatment are the individuals who come in "wanting" to get better and who are willing to put in their share of the work alongside their focal therapist. We have passed on your comments to Paolo and we are all honored to be part of your recovery journey. Thank you again for sharing your story; we hope it will inspire others to seek out help and healing. The Dawn Management


2022 (60 days) • Reviewed September 19th, 2022

Former Client


I received a very good consultation before my arrival and Elijah and the team were very responsive and designed a proper treatment plan for me and it was very detailed and supportive. There recommendation of treatment was exactly what I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed each part of the process. I received great care and support especially from my assigned counselor tony and learnt new skills each day which really helped me on my recovery journey. I really commend this place for the great effort they have put in for my recovery and I really enjoyed my stay here at the dawn. The facility was great and I was provided with everything I needed and more and the food was delicious. The house cleaners were exceptionally good and it was nice always having a spotless room to come back to at the end of each day. The support and customer service was extremely good I was always encourage to vent any concerns of mine to the service team and whenever I had an issue they always resolved it and I felt extremely comfortable to approach any member of staff whilst at the dawn. The medical team was exceptional as well they were always present when ever I needed there assistance and the service they provided was fantastic.

The Dawn Rehab

Dear PW, Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at The Dawn. We are glad you found it a positive experience beginning pre-arrival and that it continued throughout your treat journey. We have shared your positive feedback with Elijah from Admissions, Tony your Focal Therapist and every team you mentioned, which they greatly appreciated as they seek to provide the best service possible to each and every one of our clients. Once again we appreciate your affirmative comments and your trust in The Dawn. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if there is any other assistance we can provide. The Dawn team wishes you the best of luck in your recovery journey. Yours sincerely, The Dawn Management

Ms. L

2022 (60 days) • Reviewed September 12th, 2022

Former Client


Saudi Arabia

Paolo and Neville helped through my mental health and addiction they’re so kind and the support team very helpful kind and supportive- Ms. L

The Dawn Rehab

Dear Ms. L, Thank you for your kind words about our clinical team! Paolo and Neville were extremely glad to hear that you found their professional support beneficial. Here at The Dawn, all our teams strive to do their very best for each and every one of our clients. Thank you for your positive review! Once again, thank you for your kind words and confidence in The Dawn. If there is anything further we can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely, The Dawn Management


2022 (60 days) • Reviewed July 20th, 2022

Former Client

United Kingdom

Recently, I returned home from a life-changing eight-week stay at The Dawn. I was greeted at the airport and escorted to the facility by one of the fantastic support team members. An individual programme was devised for my specific requirements with therapies suited to my needs however, many other therapies are also available.The counselling received is of the highest standard and the entire clinical team are truly experts in their field. You have two individual counselling sessions weekly with your allocated counsellor and most of the clinical team will be seen during group work sessions throughout the week.A 24-hour Nursing station is fully accessible for residents situated in the lodgings. All of the staff there are always happy to help with any medical needs you may have.As for the food and dining area, it is quite something to behold. I loved the vast selection on offer every day and thought it was beautiful. The staff work tirelessly and are such a wonderful part of making your recovery a priority for you and your only concern whilst there. The support team, also present 24 hours a day, are vital working effectively and rapidly to aid you in your requests. The physical aspects and range of exercises are fabulous and fun even if it seems outside of your comfort zone. A gym and pool are also on-site for leisurely use. You have two massages weekly in a serene setting, which are a blissful treat.Residents go on weekly excursions, which provide you with experiences only dreams are made of.I entered The Dawn withdrawn, insecure, and depressed. I left with confidence, a zest for life, and happiness in my heart. I would highly recommend this establishment to any person dealing with mental health or substance issues.It is a five-star complex with five-star staff and five-star results. This place has changed me and changed my life, it could do the same for you.

The Dawn Rehab

Dear KR, Thank you for your kind review, KR! We are happy to learn that you found your stay with us beneficial. We shared your complimentary feedback with all of our staff, which they much appreciated as they aim to provide our clients with the best experience possible. If we can be of additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. The crew of the Dawn wishes you success in your future endeavours. We appreciate you allowing us to be a part in your journey. The Dawn Management Team


2022 (60 days) • Reviewed July 1st, 2022

Former Client

Sales manager


Eating Disorder
The support staff here especially JP really went out of their way to assist me whenever I needed a special requests due to my needs. Definitely the man to go to ensure that needs are met efficiently. They understood me very well and executed it promptly. And my focal counselor John is an absolutely dedicated, understanding to beyond core gentleman who respects you so much and definitely aided me personally in my treatment and encourages me to be all the more self determined to value my self so much more just because I deserve a much better life. I could not have been better after my treatment here and it leaves me with a much brighter and hopeful road to recovery which will definitely lasts till perpetuity. The nursing team here is helmed by an eloquent Pi Pat who is knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. Nong Mey is an angel God sent. The sumptuous meals served here brought to life daily by the kitchen staffs here are amazing, don’t forget to have your eggs done by Nong Lek ,her eggs cuisines are more than deserving of 7 Michelin stars if that ranking even existed. Rooms are aptly prepped and well maintained. Any defects are addressed promptly. Housekeeping is on par with prestigious 5 star hotels. Awesomely amazing! And aids in giving me a good night’s sleep daily. Helen from admissions did her job well in her diagnosis of the treatments that i require.Customer service who is headed by Terry is top notch, not a speck is overlooked.-Blu

The Dawn Rehab

Dear Blu, Thank you so much for writing this review! We are so glad to hear that our team at The Dawn was able to provide you with the assistance and support you needed. We're also glad to hear that John was able to provide you with the encouragement and guidance you needed during your treatment. We'll be sure to pass along your compliments to all the teams and individuals you mentioned - Nong Lek will be thrilled to hear that her eggs are 7-star worthy! We hope you continue to see success in your journey toward recovery. The Dawn Management Team