Valiant Recovery


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

  • $10,500-$32,000 CDN per month

  • 30-90 days

Located in warm, pleasant Kelowna, British Columbia, Valiant Recovery boasts a wide variety of activities, from rooftop therapy to various water exercises.

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  • Spiritual Emphasis

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Spirituality and Recovery

Valiant Recovery believes addiction can be a symptom of spiritual wounds. While some staff hold to Christian beliefs and spiritual counseling is offered, clients are not pressured and can opt for other therapies.

16+ Individual Counselling Sessions

Boasting the highest number of 1-on-1 counselling sessions in Canada, Valiant Recovery offers 16 sessions per month for a standard program and up to 48 sessions per month for an executive program.

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J. Wilson

Former Client

Occupation: Former Welder

Treatment Received: 2017

Length of Stay: 120 days


The house was very comfortable, and inviting being close to the water. The staff was excellent, food was delicious. The programming was very good. I enjoyed my time there while I was healing.


Food & Nutrition



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