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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Located in warm, pleasant Kelowna, British Columbia, Valiant Recovery boasts a wide variety of activities, from rooftop therapy to various water exercises.


Lakeside, Mountain


$10,500-$32,000 CDN per month


30-90 days

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About Valiant Recovery

Overcoming Addiction

Valiant Recovery seeks to treat the roots behind addictions. The program focuses on topics like Anxiety and Depression, Grief and Loss, Anger, Codependency, Trauma, 12 Step, and Relapse Prevention. Also, through a high amount of 1-on-1 sessions, Valiant Recovery addresses your specific situation and circumstances. Program lengths can be 30, 60, 90, or 120 days; studies show longer treatment lengths increase positive treatment outcomes.

Individual Counselling

Private, 1-on-1 counselling sessions are effective in helping one get to the underlying issues behind drug, alcohol, or process addictions. Valiant Recovery has 16 individual sessions per month for a standard program, 24 sessions for a deluxe program, and 48 sessions for an executive program. They write it’s the highest number of 1-on-1 sessions available in Canada.

Small Admissions Size

With only 6 clients (maximum) at a time, Valiant Recovery ensures clients are heard and supported. Being a small group also helps develop deep relationships among others, which may even continue after the program.

Comfortable Accommodations and Amenities

To help make the difficulty of starting recovery and being away from home easier, Valiant Recovery has a luxurious home as the residential facility. The home has amenities, such as shared or private rooms, massage, on-site gym, hot tub, infrared sauna, and theater room.

Spirituality and Recovery

Valiant Recovery believes addiction can be a symptom of spiritual wounds. While some staff hold to Christian beliefs and spiritual counseling is offered, clients are not pressured and can opt for other therapies.

16+ Individual Counselling Sessions

Boasting the highest number of 1-on-1 counselling sessions in Canada, Valiant Recovery offers 16 sessions per month for a standard program and up to 48 sessions per month for an executive program.

Center Overview

  • Founded


  • Occupancy


  • Languages


  • Who We Treat

    Men and Women



  • Executive Treatment

  • Substance Abuse

  • Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Alcohol


  • Family Program

  • Group Therapy

  • Individual Treatment

  • Personalized Treatment


  • Relapse Prevention Counseling

  • Twelve Step Facilitation

  • Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR)

  • Family Counseling

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What We Treat

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Marijuana

  • Ecstasy

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  • Support Meetings

  • Outpatient Treatment

  • Drug Screening

  • Follow-up Sessions (in-person)

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Special Considerations

  • Couples program

  • Religion-Based Track

  • Other dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

  • Executive Program

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  • Internet

  • Theater

  • Beach

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  • Physical Fitness

  • AA/NA Meetings

  • Beach Walks

  • Biking

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Learn more about Valiant Recovery

The Genesis Process

Based on biblical principles and neurochemistry, the Genesis Process is a type of relapse prevention that Valiant Recovery offers.

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The Valiant Recovery Guarantee

Valiant Recovery offers a free month of treatment to those who relapse after having completed the 90-day program and aftercare. Read more about the eligibility.

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I got much more out of this Recovery Program than I thought I would. I am leaving Valiant Recovery a more independent person. I have lost my urge to be dependent on others for anything; from happiness to finances. I have realized that others play a very important role in my life, in that they can add to an already happy and fulfilled life but they cannot be the source of that happiness. I know that Valiant Recovery was the perfect place for me at the perfect time, I am forever grateful.

Brian P.

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J. Wilson

Former Client

Occupation: Former Welder

Treatment Received: 2017

Length of Stay: 120 days


The house was very comfortable, and inviting being close to the water. The staff was excellent, food was delicious. The programming was very good. I enjoyed my time there while I was healing.


Food & Nutrition



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