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90210 Recovery


Beverly Hills, California, United States

  • $60,000-$120,000 (Insurance Accepted)

  • 30 days

A private, boutique facility offering hilltop views of Los Angeles and treatment plans that are holistic, individualized, and fully comprehensive.

Highlights from the Center

  • Insurance Accepted

  • Holistic Approach

  • Pool

  • Joint Commission Accredited





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Licensed by California DHCS

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Our Secluded Location And Confidential Care

Our hilltop location provides more than good views of Los Angeles–we’re afforded unmatched privacy and serenity, both of which are beneficial to treatment. Being near Los Angeles also makes travel plans easier for those flying in, and with our airport transfer services, getting here and receiving treatment is highly attainable.

Spacious, Ensuite Rooms

All of our rooms come with their own ensuite to provide privacy and comfort. Our spacious bedrooms offer various views of Los Angeles and are a rejuvenating area to relax, reflect, and ultimately recover.

Family Care

90210 prioritizes the health and recovery of your whole family, using therapy sessions and addiction education to repair damaged relationships and create a strong recovery support system. We keep family members informed on your treatment progression, if desired. Family involvement helps restore the lives of both family members and those in treatment, which is why we believe it’s a crucial component of lasting recovery.

Flexible Technology Policies

90210 understands that life can’t always pause during treatment, which is why we have flexible technology policies for work responsibilities. While phones and laptops aren’t permitted during detox, all residents have phone access in the evening hours during their residential stays. Arrangements can also be made for suitable work environments.

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