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Cape Town

Luxury Rehab Centers in Cape Town

As an independent resource, we list each center that matches our luxury criteria, so those looking for the best treatment in Cape Town have a comprehensive list of options.

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7 Cape Town Rehabs

See how we sort our results

See how we sort our results

Centers are ranked according to verified status, relevancy, popularity, specializations and reviews. In addition, the compensation we earn from advertisers is a factor taken into consideration when determining the sort order of similar centers.
Common Questions About Cape Town Treatment Centers

More About Cape Town Rehab

Cape Town has long drawn international travelers looking for affordable, yet reputable drug and alcohol rehab in a unique and pleasing environment. Well known for its natural beauty and rich cultural experiences, Cape Town—the oldest city in South Africa—is worth the trip.

Featured in our luxury treatment video series, rehabs in South Africa offer restoration in an environment like none other. Below are some of the best rehabs in Cape Town.

Do I have to pay extra for aftercare at rehab?

Some rehabs include aftercare services such as continued counseling in the cost of attendance. However, some aspects of continuing care may include additional costs. For example, your rehab’s aftercare program may include a certain number of group counseling sessions, but require extra payment for one-on-one therapy.

How long is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab can last anywhere from 30 days to 1 year. Because it typically requires fewer hours and is less intensive than an inpatient or a partial hospitalization program, (PHP), it’s relatively easy to adjust the length of your outpatient program.

What should I not bring to rehab?

When packing for rehab, avoid bringing anything that might be triggering. You’ll want to check the center’s policies on cell phone and laptop use before bringing your devices. Your bags will likely be searched upon arrival, so contraband like illicit substances and non-approved prescription medication are an obvious no-go. Learn more about getting ready for your stay in our blog post, What to Pack for a 28-Day Stay at Luxury Rehab.

What happens in a partial hospitalization program (PHP)?

A partial hospitalization program is a highly structured day program. Your day will likely involve a full schedule of therapeutic activities like individual and group therapy, some form of exercise, educational and support groups, and alternative and holistic therapies.

Can I use my cell phone in rehab?

Cell phone policies vary by rehab. While some restrict use to encourage focus on treatment goals (and avoid issues with internet-based addictions), some have liberal policies that allow clients to continue contact, and even work, during treatment.

Explore Top Treatment Destinations Elsewhere

Although Cape Town has many great options for treatment, residential rehab provides you or your loved one the chance to refresh and restart in whatever location is best for your needs. Watch our video series Destinations to see what treatment is like in the top rehab destinations around the world.


Experience natural beauty while in treatment.


Travel to a tropical oasis for quality treatment.


Escape to the desert for amazing treatment.