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RehabPath About Us Team Photo

About Us

Our vision is to help families and individuals worldwide to find the right mental health and addiction treatment options

Who We Are

Our Story

When you’re in crisis, searching for addiction and mental health treatment can feel downright overwhelming. With the vast number of treatment options, approaches, and therapies available, how do you know which one is right for you or your loved one? When you consider that not all treatment resources adhere to ethical practices, many families in need of care are left in the dark. But they shouldn’t be.

RehabPath was created in 2017 to help people discover a path to recovery that’s right for them, starting with landing on websites they can trust. We aim to provide unbiased, educational, helpful information about treatment for addiction and mental health.

Independent & Unbiased

We do not own nor are we operated by a treatment center. We strive to remain objective and only present facts about providers, treatment approaches, and so on.


We embrace NAATP’s Marketing Code of Ethics for treatment providers: we never charge per lead or referral and we clearly mark advertisements. We also do not list a central phone number. All site visitors are able to directly contact treatment providers of their choice.

Helpful and Educational

Our goal is to be helpful and educational, so you feel empowered in the process of seeking care. We avoid information bias that would push treatment seekers towards a specific level of care or approach. Instead, we collect, fact-check, and curate information from trusted sources, and continually add to our comprehensive Resource Hub to deepen your knowledge and awareness of addiction and mental health topics.


Our listing pages highlight key information on treatment providers in one place, so you can easily compare factors that may help you make a more informed decision about your care.

RehabPath Core Values


Compassion is treating others with love, respect, kindness, and understanding. Each person has value, so we have compassion for each other and for the people we serve, extending empathy and standing with them in their suffering. Compassion compels us to act.


Vulnerability means having the courage to share, ask for help, or even point out an issue. When we’re transparent and honest, it allows for deeper, more meaningful connection. Vulnerability provides safety through listening well, accepts we all have struggles, and assumes the best in others.


Growth comes from continuous learning, both individually and collectively. We embrace that change is good and focus on expanding our skills and ability to help others.


Joy comes from the inside. We delight in our work, have fun, and are passionate about what we do. We find joy for each other and in each other’s accomplishments. By practicing gratitude, we cultivate joy.


Accountability means our actions matter. We take the initiative and do what it takes to move our tasks forward with diligence and excellence. We accept that others will, with compassion, hold us responsible for results.


Creativity is all about constantly problem-solving. Creativity allows for open-ended and unconventional innovation. We actively welcome new ideas and recognize collaboration and flexibility are key to creativity.

Why Get Professional Help?

The longer you wait to seek treatment for a mental health or substance use disorder, the more potential these issues have to further damage your health and well-being. Finding the right professional help can be a turning point that changes your life. When you receive care from a quality provider, you’re in the hands of experienced professionals who place your recovery at the forefront. Robust treatment programs can more effectively guide you towards a life free from addiction.

How to List on RehabPath

RehabPath directly connects patients with treatment providers. Our goal is to connect the people and providers that are a good fit for each other, allowing both parties to get the most out of the treatment experience. We list any provider treating behavioral health, including substance use, process addictions, and mental health, anywhere in the world for free who meets our criteria. We also offer paid advertising to further expand your reach.

Leadership Team

Ben Camp

CEO, Co-Founder

Getting involved with marketing while attending seminary, Ben has found the perfect niche—marketing that helps change people's lives. Since 2010, he's been helping treatment programs around the world connect with patients through the Internet, whether that's treatment centers in India reaching low-income people on their mobile phones or luxury centers in the US.

Jeremiah Calvino

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Jeremiah has been helping treatment centers do effective, ethical marketing for over 10 years. He’s a prominent expert in treatment center brand-building, communication and advertising. He is passionate that every person counts and that every interaction must put patient first.

Olivia Mueller

VP of Research

In addition to helping RehabPath run smoothly and fostering a healthy, happy, and productive team culture, Olivia oversees research, making sure what we collect and publish on treatment providers is accurate and helpful. She holds a Master of Science in Addiction Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, King's College London and University of Adelaide, a B.S. in Biology (pre-med), and over 10 years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. Olivia understands that substance abuse and mental health issues can happen to anyone, and believes in treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Jen Scott

Customer Experience Manager

Always seeing the glass as half full, Jen builds lasting relationships with RehabPath’s clients via engaging, efficient, and positive communication. She holds over 5 years of experience as a Communication Specialist in the healthcare field and a B.A. in Business Administration with a major in Management, and is currently pursuing a technical diploma in Addiction Studies. Jen is passionate about seeing people break cycles and grow their confidence to flourish in life, and is honored to serve those seeking help to do so. An adventurer at heart, she loves running, hiking, kayaking and spending time in nature.

Robb Schuler

VP of Business Development

Robb’s experience in the addiction treatment field spans over 40 years, during which he served as Director of Operations and Business Development at a luxury treatment center in California, co-launched a treatment facility in Kentucky, and raised awareness about adolescent substance abuse with an educational nonprofit. Robb now draws on his time in the rehab industry, his experience as a municipal judge, and his own family history to serve others seeking treatment. His role at RehabPath is to increase providers’ visibility and ensure clients are matched with qualified programs that fit their needs. Live music, fishing, and connecting with family and friends are his greatest joys.

Bailey Griswold

Principal Engineer

An original member of RehabPath’s startup team, Bailey applies his 6 years of experience as a full-stack developer to continually improving our sites. Bailey started coding at age 12 and stays focused on personal and professional growth. He aims to simplify the experience of finding a rehab center by making websites better, faster, and more user-friendly.

Charles Donaldson

Product Manager

Charles ensures our product meets the needs of those seeking treatment, wherever they are in their journey. With a background in biomedical engineering and 7 years of experience in project management and quality assurance, including work with a successful digital health start-up, Charles focuses on finding connections and building relationships to help RehabPath promote recovery. When he’s not working, he stays active with ultimate frisbee, basketball, outdoor activities, traveling, and running around with his 2 kids.

David Kappenstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Dave applies his 22 years of thought leadership in the digital media industry to optimizing the delivery of RehabPath’s ad campaigns, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time. This helps providers more effectively reach those in need of their services and creates a more meaningful experience for treatment seekers on our site. Always up for a challenge, when Dave’s not problem solving for our clients, he’s learning through new experiences like sailing, camping, cooking, gardening, and going on adventures with his 4-year-old daughter.

Matthew Martindale

VP of Engineering

For over two decades, Matthew has played leadership roles in design, product, and engineering for startups during their growth stage and exits. He also founded and led three companies with tech-driven products, two of which were acquired. Throughout his career, he has worked on scaling engineering teams and processes while promoting software be as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his family, writing and recording music, and pursuing projects that bring people together or lift up others.

Scott Forester

Chief Financial Officer

Scott brings decades of experience as a CFO for entrepreneurial companies to managing RehabPath’s finances. He loves to help others any way he can—you can often find him networking with Madison’s entrepreneurial start-up community offering founders advice over a cup of coffee. A Chicago native, Scott moved to Madison from Chicago in 2018 so his wife could pursue her calling as a rabbi, and has since embraced Madison life wholeheartedly.

Dr. Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri

Director of Content

Dr. Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri, known as Dr. Mala, she develops impartial and informative resources for people seeking treatment. With extensive expertise in TBI, PTSD, Military Psychology & Rehabilitation, Marriage & Family Psychology, Rehabilitative Therapy, Integrative & Collaborative Program Development, Business Psychology, and more, Dr. Mala has supported patients from various backgrounds and age groups. Throughout her career, she’s worked with military personnel, business executives, political leaders, rural communities, Native populations, LGBTQ+ individuals, athletes, and families.

Cliff McDonald

Chief Growth Officer

Cliff started his career on Wall Street and later served in business development and leadership roles in the technology industry. He used his corporate experience to become an entrepreneur and has started and operated successful businesses in the hospitality, technology and consulting industries. Cliff is a student of psychology, business and digital marketing and he enjoys growing businesses from the early stage. Cliff is in long term recovery and he is passionate about helping as many people as possible to experience a life in recovery. Cliff’s role at RehabPath is to help grow the business from a strategic, cultural and revenue perspective. Cliff and his wife Shanna are parents of three boys. As a former college football player, he enjoys coaching and helping people to realize their full potential in the arena of their choice.

Jamie Buren

VP of Operations

Jamie brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare space, enabling organizations to deliver on their patient-first missions. At RehabPath, she helps cultivate a people-centered culture so teams can thrive and better serve patients and customers through cohesive tools, systems, and processes. She is active in her local community coaching a swim team, serving international students, and volunteering with her church. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, event planning, and quality time with her family.