About is a carefully curated collection of luxury addiction and mental health treatment centers worldwide.

Whether someone is looking for help with alcohol use, depression, cocaine, or executive burnout, provides information all in one place, where individuals can take time to consider options and reach out to treatment providers directly.

What is a Luxury Rehab?

How do luxury treatment centers become part of the collection? lists any treatment center that meets our luxury criteria for free. We also offer paid upgrades and clearly marked sponsorships.

Who We Are

Launched in 2013, is an initiative of RehabPath, an independent company free of any association with individual treatment providers—with one primary goal: to help families and individuals worldwide find freedom from their addiction.

Independent & Unbiased

We do not own nor are operated by a treatment center. We strive to remain objective and only present facts about providers, treatment approaches, and so on.


We embrace NAATP’s Marketing Code of Ethics for treatment providers: we never charge per lead or referral and we clearly mark advertisements. We also do not list a central phone number. All site visitors are able to directly contact treatment providers of their choice.

Our Team

Our co-founders, Jeremiah Calvino and Ben Camp, have extensive experience helping addiction treatment centers do ethical marketing (10+ and 7 years, respectively).

Olivia Mueller, our Research Director, has years of experience in addiction treatment marketing as well, with both in-house and agency teams. She is currently working on her Masters of Science in Addiction Studies through VCU’s IPAS program. She oversees the quality and helpfulness of the content on our sites.

Bailey Griswold is our full-time web developer extraordinaire, continually working to make better, faster, and more user-friendly.