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Find a Luxury Rehab Center in Florida

Below is a compilation of the best treatment centers in Florida with pricing, reviews, and more. As an independent resource, we list each center that matches our luxury criteria, ensuring that those looking for treatment in Florida have a comprehensive list of the best options.

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Popular Treatment Types in Florida

Tikvah Lake in Sebring, Florida is an extremely personalized residential addiction treatment center. Taking only a maximum of 6 clients at a time, the clinical director works one on one daily with each and every guest to ensure a lifelong recovery.

There is no one right way to heal. When you choose a rehab center, you’re not just choosing a place: you’re also choosing your treatment environment, who you’ll be around, and which therapeutic modalities you’ll have access to. This can be an empowering decision that sets you up for success as you move forward in your recovery journey.

More About Florida Rehab

With its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a number of top rehabs, Florida is one of the most popular U.S. destinations for rehabilitation. More recently, treatment centers in Florida have begun offering a number of other specialties, including depression and eating disorders, alongside more traditional programs.

Located in the deep south of the U.S., Florida is home to exciting areas including the great metropolis of Miami, the vacation-friendly Orlando and the island city of Key West, all of which boast white beaches, warm waters and an abundance of American history.

What is a partial hospitalization program (PHP)?

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is a licensed, structured day program that provides treatment for substance addiction and co-occurring disorders. Clients do not stay overnight at the treatment center. A PHP can be an alternative to, or a step down from, a residential rehab program.

What are holistic therapies?

Holistic therapies focus on healing the client as a whole, as opposed to targeting specific symptoms. There is a typically a focus of these therapies to find a balance in taking care of mind, body, and spirit. Examples of holistic therapies include mindfulness meditation, energy-based healing, and acupuncture.

Are there rehab programs for professionals?

Some rehabs offer programs designed specifically for professionals who need to continue managing business-related affairs while in treatment. These programs address the stress and burnout that often accompanies substance use disorders for this clientele. Cell phone and laptop use is also often permitted so clients can keep up with work.

Can you be fired for going to rehab?

If your substance use disorder or mental health issue qualifies as a serious health condition, then you can receive Family and Medical Leave Act support to attend rehab. The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, ensures that you do not lose your job when taking necessary time off to heal from a serious health condition. This act also guarantees that you retain the same terms of employment that you originally had for your job.

Which is more expensive: inpatient or outpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab is normally more expensive than outpatient care, as the cost includes room and board in addition to more clinical hours. Inpatient treatment centers usually offer more complementary therapies and surrounding support, including round-the-clock staff availability.

What’s the typical cost for luxury Florida rehabs?

Luxury rehab doesn’t always have to be expensive, especially if you are able to travel. Take a look at our most affordable luxury rehabs around the world.

What is treatment like at a Florida rehab?

The most common treatment approaches at a Florida luxury rehab are evidence-based, holistic, and individual treatment. You might find yourself taking part in group therapy, 1-on-1 counseling, family therapy, twelve step facilitation , and cognitive behavioral therapy.

What should I expect to experience in rehab at a Florida center?

The most typical settings for centers in Florida are coastal and city. Florida treatment centers are most often equipped with the following amenities: access to nature, outdoor lounge, pool, and fitness center.

Explore Top Treatment Destinations Elsewhere

Although Florida has many great options for treatment, residential rehab provides you or your loved one the chance to refresh and restart in whatever location is best for your needs. Watch our video series Destinations to see what treatment is like in the top rehab destinations around the world.


Experience natural beauty while in treatment.


Travel to a tropical oasis for quality treatment.


Escape to the desert for amazing treatment.