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LuxuryRehab Criteria

We recognize that people will have different treatment paths, so we list a variety of treatment providers from ultra luxury rehab to affordable luxury rehab. Each treatment provider in our collection on LuxuryRehab appears1 to meet the following criteria.

Luxurious Amenities and Accommodations

At minimum, centers must have comfortable, clean, and safe environments for all facilities related to the treatment experience (e.g. clinical facilities and residences).

We consider centers to be more luxury the more amenities they have—such as a swimming pool, access to nature, and gourmet, chef-prepared meals—and the more their accommodations reflect luxury lifestyles, such as beautiful interiors, housekeeping, and en suite bathrooms.

Qualified Staff

Centers must employ qualified staff respective to a person’s position. For example, we expect to see a Clinical Director with years of experience, formal training, and license(s) related to addiction and mental health treatment.

Rounded Clinical Program

Since some people may find certain treatment approaches and therapies work better for them than others, the LuxuryRehab collection includes a variety of centers. For example, treatment approaches include 12-Step, holistic, evidence-based, and individualized, just to name a few.

Typically, through the lens of the core treatment philosophy, luxury centers offer a multifaceted list of therapies and their therapists have dozens of therapies in their “tool box” to help clients find freedom from their addiction. The more well-rounded a clinical program is to meet a client’s treatment needs and preferences, the more luxury we consider the center.

Utmost Respect and Confidentiality

Centers must respect clients, and part of that respect is maintaining client privacy and confidentiality.

1 Appears according to information submitted by the provider to LuxuryRehab and according to LuxuryRehab’s own research about the provider. This may or may not include an on-site visit. LuxuryRehab cannot guarantee the treatment quality or outcome of any listed provider.