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Cliffside Malibu


Malibu, California, United States

  • $30,000–$91,000 (per month)

  • 1-4 months

Cliffside Malibu provides a highly personalized program with a variety of treatment therapies in one of the most luxurious settings possible.

Highlights from the Center

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  • Therapeutic Location

  • Certified Professionals

  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • Non 12-Step Approach





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Licensed by California DHCS

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Stages of Change

A personalized treatment program is designed for each patient utilizing the Stages of Change (rooted in the transtheoretical model) as the foundation for the Cliffside clinical model. With specific treatment interventions at each phase, the Cliffside treatment plan is designed to support each patient in moving forward, developing healthy coping skills, and creating a plan for long-term sobriety.

Co-Occurring Expertise

Cliffside Malibu has created an exceptional team of medical and psychiatric doctors, psychologists, therapists and chemical dependency counselors to address the complex physical, emotional and mental components of those with a co-occurring disorder.

Family-Centered Programming

Each member of the family or support unit is allowed with the patient's permission to be part of the Stages of Change assessment. Each week Cliffside invites loved ones of the patient to participate in psychoeducation groups, multi-family support groups, additional family treatment sessions, and provides an opportunity to share a meal together.

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