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The Banyans


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • $49,000–$133,000 AUD

  • 28+ days

The Banyans offers private, medically supported treatment for drug and alcohol misuse, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, stress, trauma, and more.

Highlights from the Center

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  • Perfect for Professionals

  • Wellness Emphasis





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ISO9001:2015 Quality Certification

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Focused treatment

Experience the certainty of focused treatment at one of the world’s most comprehensive treatment programs.

A team of medically qualified staff

Your health is too important to risk—that’s why we have more than six medically trained doctors and a team of on-site registered nurses as part of your treatment team.

Receive the team, time and tools to recover

Free of shame, The Banyans provides the team, time and tools to help you rediscover the fullness of life.

There are currently no reviews of this center. Are you a former client, a loved one of a former client, or a professional that has referred to The Banyans? We'd love to hear from you.

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