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    Boca Recovery Center Galloway


    Galloway, New Jersey, United States

    • $1,500-$2,000/daily (Insurance Accepted)

    • 7+ days

    Near the Jersey Shore, Boca Recovery Center Galloway is a 22-bed medical detox and residential facility offering a discreet location.

    Highlights from the Center

    These Highlights are provided by and paid for by the center. For more information contact

    • Trauma-Informed Care

    • Private Rooms Available

    • Master's and Doctoral Level Therapists

    • Tech Friendly





    Message Boca Recovery Center Galloway

    Connect with Boca Recovery Center Galloway by messaging their admissions team directly.

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    Private Location

    Close to the Jersey Shore, Boca Recovery Center is a 22-bed luxury Medical Detoxification and Residential Program offering privacy while in recovery.

    Expert Staff

    As we invest in the most sophisticated technologies to support your treatment, we simultaneously invest in the top clinical minds to provide the highest level of care to you. We provide 24-hour medical care, with individualized medication management and medication-assisted treatment to ensure both safety and comfort during the early stages of the recovery process.

    Trauma Informed Care

    We understand the far-reaching effects that trauma can have on individuals battling substance use disorders. Our therapists practice trauma-focused therapy that recognizes and emphasizes the impact of traumatic experiences on a person’s addictive behaviors.

    Residential Program

    Once medical stabilization has been attained, clients are then able to transition to the Residential program, where they begin working on the psychological processes to address the underlying mental health issues presenting together with the substance use disorders.

    Review Summary


    (1 Reviews)

    1 out of 1 reviewers recommend this provider.


    Food & Nutrition





    Former Client

    Occupation: Human Services

    Treatment Received: 2022

    Length of Stay: 30 days


    Loved the staff there. Definitely a great place to start off my life in recovery!


    Food & Nutrition



    The provider’s claims accurately describes who they are and what they do: Agree

    Would recommend

    Message Boca Recovery Center Galloway

    Message Boca Recovery Center Galloway