Luxury Rehab Centers With
Non-12 Step Treatment

Some people are put off by the spirituality of 12-Step rehabilitation programs. For many atheists and agnostics, it depends too much on God. A non-12-Step rehab program, then, promotes abstinence from drugs and alcohol but with less emphasis on relying on a higher power.

In non-12-Step rehab programs—which help people recover from alcohol abuse and other addictions like drugs—there tends to be a stronger sense of self-empowerment. Many of these programs avoid labelling addiction as a disease and instead view addiction recovery as a personal achievement.

Ad • Creators of the Compassionate Care Model

At Alo House in Malibu, we developed what we call The Compassionate Care Model® of dual diagnosis treatment. We believe that connection is the most important factor in recovery, and all of our staff are trained and encouraged to interact with our clients with respect and authenticity. Our motto is “connection, not control.”