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    The Healing Power of Nature in British Columbia’s Rehabs

    Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia (BC), is famous for its numerous outdoor opportunities in beautiful areas with mountains, lakes, beaches, and forests. Many treatment centers in BC take advantage of the region’s abundant and accessible nature by offering adventure outings such as river rafting, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and more. The peaceful settings of British … Continue reading “The Healing Power of Nature in British Columbia’s Rehabs”

    More People Are Considering Rehab in Portugal: Here’s Why

    Residential rehab lets you step away from your daily environment and fully focus on recovery. While everyone’s healing journey is unique, many people find that a change in their surroundings facilitates healing in impactful ways. For some, traveling abroad for rehab can be profound. Traveling can change your mindset: immersion in a new culture may … Continue reading “More People Are Considering Rehab in Portugal: Here’s Why”

    Houston Luxury Rehabs: Specialized Care by Top-Notch Professionals

    Houston—or “H-Town” as it’s often called by locals—is known for its year-round warm and sunny weather, numerous outdoor activities, and multicultural population. Many treatment centers in Houston take advantage of the temperate climate, outdoor programs, plentiful walking paths, gardens, and more. Houston offers exceptional treatment options for executives, youth and adolescents, and LGBTQ+ clients, and … Continue reading “Houston Luxury Rehabs: Specialized Care by Top-Notch Professionals”

    Addiction Treatment in Ontario: Lakeside Living and Quality Care

    Where you attend addiction treatment can have a huge impact on your progress. Yes, rehab is about getting sober – but it’s also about learning how to improve your quality of life and sustain the changes you make long after you leave residential treatment. The setting you’re in, the relationships you have with your peers, … Continue reading “Addiction Treatment in Ontario: Lakeside Living and Quality Care”

    How Much Individual Treatment Do You Need in Rehab?

    Recovery is an immensely personal journey, but it doesn’t have to be isolating. 1-on-1 treatment, otherwise known as individual therapy, offers the opportunity to build a unique and strong bond with your therapist or care provider. For many people, this personal connection facilitates healing in a powerful way. Most luxury rehab programs include a balance … Continue reading “How Much Individual Treatment Do You Need in Rehab?”

    Holistic Detox in California

    Detoxing from substance misuse can be challenging and even dangerous. To do so successfully, most people need professional care. And because recovery looks different for everyone, that care might include medical treatment, talk therapy, or holistic healing. You can find all of these modalities at detox centers in California. The Golden State is known for … Continue reading “Holistic Detox in California”

    Personalized Rehab Programs in South Africa

    Recovery from substance misuse is an extremely personal process. Healing isn’t just a way of stopping unhealthy behaviors. It’s also the process of building a rich, fulfilling life in a more sustainable way. Because of this, many facilities aim to meet the unique needs of each of their clients. If you’d like to receive highly … Continue reading “Personalized Rehab Programs in South Africa”

    Rehab for Executives: Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s common for CEOs to be portrayed as energetic, in control, and collected. But executives and people in high-level positions face demanding challenges and workplace-related stress that can take a toll on their mental health. With so much going on, you may not notice signs of addiction or addictive behavior until it negatively impacts your … Continue reading “Rehab for Executives: Frequently Asked Questions”

    Nature, Adventure and Good Vibes at Hawaii Luxury Rehabs

    Hawaii is the quintessential holiday destination – and for good reason. From the rainbow-hued reefs of Lana’i to the volcanic peaks of Mauna Kea and the verdant valleys in between, this Pacific wonderland has something for everyone. Luxury rehabs in Hawaii leverage the islands’ abundance of activities, and the power of its thriving nature, to … Continue reading “Nature, Adventure and Good Vibes at Hawaii Luxury Rehabs”

    Depression in Men: Recognizing and Treating a Hidden Condition

    Depression can be difficult for anyone to discuss, as sufferers have to deal with not only their condition but also the stigma associated with it. This challenge can be even more profound for men. Many men who struggle with depression suffer silently for years, compounding their feelings of sadness with the frustration, anger, and guilt … Continue reading “Depression in Men: Recognizing and Treating a Hidden Condition”

    Too Late to go to Rehab? Finding the Right Recovery Path as an Older Adult

    Older adults face a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding treatment for addiction or mental health disorders. If you’re in this age group, you might feel self-conscious about seeking help at this point in your life, or be worried that you won’t be able to relate to your recovery peers if you … Continue reading “Too Late to go to Rehab? Finding the Right Recovery Path as an Older Adult”

    Healing Treatment-Resistant Depression with Psilocybin

    Psilocybin is a chemical compound most often associated with “magic mushrooms.” Despite historical stigma, researchers have begun exploring its potential medical applications. This powerful medicine may be especially helpful for clients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). This can be an all-consuming diagnosis, and many clients struggle to find effective depression treatment. While some people benefit from … Continue reading “Healing Treatment-Resistant Depression with Psilocybin”

    Mindfulness as a Tool for Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

    Mindfulness is more than a buzzword. It’s also a powerful way to approach both physical and mental health. This collection of techniques can help ground you in the present moment, gently navigating even the most difficult thoughts and feelings. Because of its holistic nature, many clients choose to approach recovery using mindfulness practices. Although it’s … Continue reading “Mindfulness as a Tool for Recovery from Substance Use Disorders”

    Attending Rehab for Work-Related Burnout

    Burnout can affect anyone. Even if you love your work, it’s possible to get overwhelmed. And ignoring your exhaustion may just exacerbate your symptoms. If you feel yourself hitting a wall, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. This experience is widespread enough that there are many rehab programs designed to treat work-related burnout. … Continue reading “Attending Rehab for Work-Related Burnout”

    Finding Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar disorder is a serious diagnosis. Without proper treatment, it can be extremely destabilizing—both for the person who has the condition, and for those around them. If you have this diagnosis, it’s vital to get the care you need. For some clients, inpatient rehab is a helpful place to start. About 2.8% of the population … Continue reading “Finding Treatment for Bipolar Disorder”

    Rehabs in Greece: A Culture of Whole-Person Healing

    Rehab provides the opportunity for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Talk therapy and medical care are certainly essential to the treatment process. But sometimes a change in environment can be helpful, too. A new atmosphere full of fresh sights, sounds, and feelings can shift your perspective to inspire your recovery journey. For many people, … Continue reading “Rehabs in Greece: A Culture of Whole-Person Healing”

    Are High Achievers More Susceptible to Addiction?

    They may star in Hollywood films or run Fortune 500 companies, but many of the world’s most successful people also have a secret: they struggle with a unique set of challenges that often lead them to require treatment for substance abuse. Take Zac Efron. This Hollywood star, famous for his lead role in the High … Continue reading “Are High Achievers More Susceptible to Addiction?”

    Mutual Support in Therapeutic Communities

    Substance misuse can be extremely isolating. For some clients, rehab is a good time to break out of old patterns and start rebuilding interpersonal relationships. And, as valuable as talk therapies are, there are some skills you can only learn by engaging in mutual support. If your goal is to focus on those skills, you … Continue reading “Mutual Support in Therapeutic Communities”

    Why Choose Residential Rehab? 8 Benefits to Consider

    When it comes to addiction treatment, there’s no one, universal approach. Psychologists and medical experts today have a better understanding of substance use disorder treatment than ever before. We now know that everyone’s path to recovery is unique and that there are many different ways to heal. Some people want to keep up daily responsibilities … Continue reading “Why Choose Residential Rehab? 8 Benefits to Consider”

    What Happens When You Arrive at Rehab

    When you first begin rehab, you’re at the start of a big transition. It’s often helpful to know what to expect when you arrive at a residential facility. Although every luxury rehab center has a slightly different process, there are certain things you can reasonably expect. Above all, try to remember that the staff at … Continue reading “What Happens When You Arrive at Rehab”

    Building Community in Rehab

    Substance use disorders can be extremely isolating. These conditions are often related to difficult relationships with family, friends, or colleagues. In some cases, challenging relationships encourage unhealthy behavior. On the other hand, even the healthiest of dynamics can be undermined by untreated mental health concerns. In both cases, many people find that building community is … Continue reading “Building Community in Rehab”

    Detoxification: Frequently Asked Questions

    Detoxification is the first step in addiction treatment for many people. We’re here to help you learn more about what it entails, what it feels like, and whether or not you can detox at home. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions around detox: How Does Detox Work? When is Detox Required? Can I … Continue reading “Detoxification: Frequently Asked Questions”

    Discover Private and Peaceful Recovery in Switzerland

    For many decades, Switzerland has been a destination for healing and wellness. In the past, visitors from all over the world would travel to Lake Geneva to soak in the mineral water and enjoy the clean air and picturesque countryside. Switzerland was known as a place where people suffering from physical and mental illnesses could … Continue reading “Discover Private and Peaceful Recovery in Switzerland”

    Elite Recovery: How Social Status Affects Substance Use Disorders

    Substance use disorders can affect people from all walks of life. And despite certain cultural stereotypes, elite clients may be especially vulnerable. Because people with high status face a specific set of stressors, they also have unique needs during recovery. If you’re a person who faces these unique challenges, it may be helpful to seek … Continue reading “Elite Recovery: How Social Status Affects Substance Use Disorders”

    Going to Family Therapy in Rehab

    Substance use disorders don’t develop in a vacuum. They often develop due to genetics, trauma, or social pressures. Any of these factors may be caused by difficult family dynamics. Because of this, many people in rehab benefit from attending family therapy in rehab. “Family” is a complex idea. For some people, it means only their … Continue reading “Going to Family Therapy in Rehab”

    Finding the Right Rehab for Your Teen or Young Adult

    Anyone can struggle with substance use. Whatever your age, gender, job, or relationship status, you deserve to get the care you need. However, it can sometimes be hard to know what interventions would be most helpful. This is especially true for teens with substance use disorders. Substance use during adolescence may have long-term effects on … Continue reading “Finding the Right Rehab for Your Teen or Young Adult”

    Plugging into Rehab: a Closer Look at Tech Usage Policies

    During inpatient rehab, clients step away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. This can give you much-needed space from issues like complex relationships, work stress, and social pressure. Some facilities enforce this by limiting your access to the outside world. In many programs, clients are not allowed to use their phones or … Continue reading “Plugging into Rehab: a Closer Look at Tech Usage Policies”

    Finding Balance Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    The goal of rehab isn’t just to feel better. It’s also to live a more sustainable life. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), is designed to teach clients practical skills that will help them make healthier choices in the long term. By taking action to build a life that meets your needs, you can create an environment … Continue reading “Finding Balance Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy”

    Cost of Rehab and Insurance Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions

    Cost is a major concern for people seeking addiction and mental health help. To support you with making an informed decision about treatment, we answer some of the most pressing questions about costs and financing options for addiction treatment. Have a question that’s not on our list? Ask us, we’re happy to help. Following, you’ll … Continue reading “Cost of Rehab and Insurance Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions”

    Length of Stay in Rehab: Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is rehab for substance use disorders? It depends on which rehab program you attend. Your stay may range from a number of days to several months. Detox programs, for example, tend to last for a week or less. At Gallus Detox Centers, standard detox takes 5 to 7 days, and alcohol detox normally … Continue reading “Length of Stay in Rehab: Frequently Asked Questions”

    Natural Wellness at Mexico Rehabs

    During rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to take a step back from unhealthy habits. By creating space between yourself and your daily life, you can gain a new perspective. If you go to rehab in Mexico, that distance can be both physical and philosophical. Many of Mexico’s luxury rehab centers take a holistic approach to … Continue reading “Natural Wellness at Mexico Rehabs”

    Healing in Nature at Oregon’s Luxury Rehabs

    You’ve heard of the seven wonders of the world—but the state of Oregon is home to its own seven wonders. From rocky Pacific beaches to the colorful, desert dunes of the Painted Hills, Oregon is home to one of the most diverse landscapes in the country. But people don’t just travel to Oregon for it’s … Continue reading “Healing in Nature at Oregon’s Luxury Rehabs”

    Does CBD Help or Harm Sobriety?

    The process of recovery is different for every person. For some, it includes the use of CBD. However, this is a controversial topic. Many believe that the use of any psychoactive substance, including prescribed medication, interferes with sobriety. And if you’re deciding whether or not CBD will play a role in your recovery journey, it’s … Continue reading “Does CBD Help or Harm Sobriety?”

    Involuntary Rehab: Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I force my loved one to go to rehab? Yes, but only in certain locations. There are currently 37 states that allow for involuntary addiction treatment, according to the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws ((Many states allow involuntary commitment for addiction treatment. (n.d.). Partnership to End Addiction. Retrieved October 12, 2021, from … Continue reading “Involuntary Rehab: Frequently Asked Questions”

    Finding the Right Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

    You are more than your diagnosis. That’s true no matter what, whether you have a substance use disorder or cancer. And the goal of rehab isn’t just to treat your illness; it’s to help you heal every aspect of yourself. For some clients, that means finding a treatment program that specializes in co-occurring disorders. Having … Continue reading “Finding the Right Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders”

    12-Step vs. Non-12-Step Recovery: Which is Best for You?

    Rehab is designed to provide structure as you begin the process of recovery. There are countless ways to heal, and it’s important to choose a framework that meets your specific needs. While many people benefit from 12-Step rehab programs, others prefer a more holistic approach to addiction treatment. Recent research shows that 12-Step programs have … Continue reading “12-Step vs. Non-12-Step Recovery: Which is Best for You?”

    Rehab Options Abound in Diverse, Vibrant L.A.

    Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood, glamour, and glossy exteriors. But behind the glitz is a city with soul: a cultural melting pot with more enriching experiences than meets the eye. From vibrant art districts brimming with color and creative types to the rewarding hiking trails of Angeles National Forest, L.A. has something for everyone. … Continue reading “Rehab Options Abound in Diverse, Vibrant L.A.”

    Gender-Specific Rehab Offers Peer-to-Peer Support

    At its best, rehab is a safe, protected environment. And some people in recovery find that the greatest support comes from people of their own gender. This may be especially true if you’re healing from trauma, or toxic relationships, or simply want to reduce the time you spend explaining your emotional experience. It’s important to … Continue reading “Gender-Specific Rehab Offers Peer-to-Peer Support”

    Experts Weigh in on Individualized Care

    Recovery is an extremely personal process. Each person’s needs are different, whether you’re healing from a broken leg or a substance use disorder. With that in mind, many luxury rehabs offer individualized treatment. As Jan Gerber, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery, explains, “every person is very different, and this one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, mental health, and … Continue reading “Experts Weigh in on Individualized Care”

    Pura Vida in Paradise: Why Costa Rica is an Idyllic Destination for Rehab

    Home to verdant jungles, mesmerizing beaches, and a laid-back approach to life, Costa Rica has long been recognized as a prime destination to relax and recharge. Visitors flock to its white sand beaches to embrace the slow life. Adventure-seekers have an exciting menu of excursions to choose from. Boasting some of the most biodiverse-rich rainforests … Continue reading “Pura Vida in Paradise: Why Costa Rica is an Idyllic Destination for Rehab”

    How to Avoid Scams and Find a Legitimate Treatment Center

    Rehab should feel like a safe space, where you’re supported, listened to and your recovery comes first. Many addiction treatment centers do place your recovery at the forefront. These quality rehab centers employ experienced professionals, offer a robust treatment program and apply a variety of therapies to help you find a life free from addiction. … Continue reading “How to Avoid Scams and Find a Legitimate Treatment Center”

    Sound Healing for Addiction and Mental Health Recovery

    In order to heal the mind, it’s important to begin by healing the body. With this in mind, there’s great value in treatment that engages all five senses. Sound healing is one way to ground yourself during both physical and emotional recovery. Music locates listeners in an emotional environment. It’s easy to see this in … Continue reading “Sound Healing for Addiction and Mental Health Recovery”

    Faith-Based Rehab: Treating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

    For many people, addiction recovery is a spiritual experience. Faith-based rehab programs focus on this idea, incorporating religious or spiritual practices into the recovery process. Some of these programs are connected with a specific religion, such as Christianity or Buddhism. Others simply invite people to connect with a higher power, which clients define for themselves. … Continue reading “Faith-Based Rehab: Treating the Mind, Body, and Spirit”

    Should You Choose a Small or Large Rehab Center?

    A rehab center’s size influences your treatment experience in big ways. It impacts important factors like facilities, level of personalized attention, types of therapies offered and more. When it comes to rehab size, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. What will work for you depends on your needs and preferences. Some people need intimate … Continue reading “Should You Choose a Small or Large Rehab Center?”

    Learning Self-Care at Orange County Rehabs

    Nestled between the Pacific coast and the Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County is a stunningly beautiful place to attend rehab. Thanks to its near-perfect weather, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities year-round. The area boasts numerous beaches ((About the county | orange county. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2021, from—like the famous Laguna Beach—and public parks. … Continue reading “Learning Self-Care at Orange County Rehabs”

    Miami-Area Luxury Rehabs Offer Clientele-Specific Care in Lush, Exclusive Locales

    With its palm-lined boulevards, white-sand beaches, Latin influence and culture of creativity, the lively metropolis that is Miami offers no shortage of draws. And it’s not just East Coast snowbirds who benefit from its hot, humid climate. Tropical vegetation thrives in this corner of the U.S., which is filled with verdant parks, manicured estates, and … Continue reading “Miami-Area Luxury Rehabs Offer Clientele-Specific Care in Lush, Exclusive Locales”

    What Exactly is “Evidence-Based Treatment” and is it Actually More Effective?

    Many rehab centers tout their treatment methods as being “evidence-based.” But what exactly does this mean, and does this actually make these therapies more legitimate than others? Today, there are so many kinds of treatments for substance use and mental health disorders that it can feel overwhelming to decide which is best for you. And … Continue reading “What Exactly is “Evidence-Based Treatment” and is it Actually More Effective?”

    Learning by Doing With Experiential Therapy

    Experiential therapy lets you heal by doing. Taking part in activities during rehab encourages you to learn new skills, and it can be a lot of fun. But this therapeutic modality offers much deeper benefits. It’s also a way for clients to get to know themselves in different contexts, processing emotions they might not easily … Continue reading “Learning by Doing With Experiential Therapy”

    Is Telehealth Effective for Substance Use Disorders?

    Many people hesitate to start rehab because residential treatment programs feel inaccessible. Fortunately, they’re not the only option. More and more luxury rehab programs now offer treatment via telehealth. The popularity of telemedicine ((Koonin, L. M. (2020). Trends in the use of telehealth during the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic—United states, January–March 2020. MMWR. Morbidity … Continue reading “Is Telehealth Effective for Substance Use Disorders?”

    Building Confidence With Strengths-Based Addiction Treatment

    Strengths-based treatment empowers clients to direct their own recovery process. This is a departure from many therapeutic modalities, where the focus tends to be on the negative. You analyze unhealthy habits, come to terms with past mistakes, and talk about the problems you’d like to “fix.” This perspective can be very beneficial for some, but … Continue reading “Building Confidence With Strengths-Based Addiction Treatment”

    Luxury Rehabs in Texas: Big-City Convenience and Countryside Charm 

    In the U.S., the state of Texas is famous for being just as friendly as it is big and warm. The second biggest state by area and population, people usually think of wide open spaces, hot weather year-round, and a fierce loyalty that Texans wear like a badge of pride.  Maybe it’s the warm southern … Continue reading “Luxury Rehabs in Texas: Big-City Convenience and Countryside Charm “

    Choosing a Rehab Facility: How Qualified is Their Staff? 

    In any organization that provides essential services, the experience and expertise of the staff is paramount. This is perhaps even truer for substance abuse treatment facilities. Clients at rehab are trusting treatment professionals to help them navigate the challenging, and often vulnerable, journey to recovery. Rehabs staff executives who run day-to-day operations, treatment professionals (both … Continue reading “Choosing a Rehab Facility: How Qualified is Their Staff? “

    Understanding the Role of Sober Coaches in Addiction Recovery 

    The transition from an addiction treatment program to daily life is a fundamental step in the recovery journey. Many people can feel overwhelmed and isolated during this time. These feelings are normal–you’re navigating new territory and adjusting to a new lifestyle. To make the adjustment period more manageable, some luxury treatment centers will set you … Continue reading “Understanding the Role of Sober Coaches in Addiction Recovery “

    Privacy in Rehab: How to Keep Your Treatment Confidential

    Addiction can affect anyone, including public figures and those in high-profile positions. For these clients, concerns around confidentiality can be one of the biggest barriers when it comes to seeking treatment. Because of this, privacy is among the most important considerations when choosing a rehab.  The good news is that you have options. In general, … Continue reading “Privacy in Rehab: How to Keep Your Treatment Confidential”

    Tips for Staging an Intervention

    When most people think of an intervention, they picture the classic scene that’s often shown in TV shows and movies: a group of family and friends gathering for a meeting in the living room. And while this is one way to do it, there are actually many ways to stage an intervention. Everything from the … Continue reading “Tips for Staging an Intervention”

    Combining Holistic and Medical Care at San Diego Luxury Rehabs

    In San Diego, luxury rehabs provide personalized care to each individual client. These facilities offer a combined approach, striking a careful balance between holistic treatment and medical care. In most programs, you’ll work closely with your team of providers to decide which modalities are right for you. For example, many clients choose to go through … Continue reading “Combining Holistic and Medical Care at San Diego Luxury Rehabs”

    LGBTQ+ Affirming Rehab

    As an LGBTQ+ person, it can be hard to find supportive, affirming healthcare. People in this community face unique barriers to treatment. You may struggle to find providers who are both willing and able to give you the care you need. In some cases, it can actually be dangerous to disclose certain aspects of your … Continue reading “LGBTQ+ Affirming Rehab”

    Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Right for You?

    Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an addiction treatment method that uses pharmaceuticals to address substance dependency. Because it entails medications that can themselves be addictive, this approach is controversial among those seeking treatment, the medical community, and addiction treatment professionals. And while this evidence-based treatment helps many people overcome their addictions, it also carries a significant  … Continue reading “Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Right for You?”

    Should You Travel for Addiction Treatment? Pros and Cons of Local vs Destination Rehabs

    Attending rehab marks the start of a new chapter in your life. No matter where you go, or how far you travel, you’ll be entering a time of great change. As positive as this may be, it’s also very stressful. For some people, it’s helpful to change every aspect of their life at once; traveling … Continue reading “Should You Travel for Addiction Treatment? Pros and Cons of Local vs Destination Rehabs”

    Desert Rehab: A Peek Inside Arizona’s Most Luxurious Treatment Centers

    Arizona’s warm climate, distinctive desert scenery, and unforgettable natural wonders have made it a sought-after destination since the 1920s. Its red-rock landscapes marked by canyons, boulders, and giant saguaro cacti serve as the perfect backdrop for getaways to its tasteful ranches and resorts. Nowadays, the same features attract rehab clients from surrounding metro areas as … Continue reading “Desert Rehab: A Peek Inside Arizona’s Most Luxurious Treatment Centers”

    Finding Help for Treatment-Resistant Depression

    Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) has the same symptoms as depression, but with a more complex recovery process. Because of its effect on energy levels, depression can interfere with your capacity to seek help. This makes TRD especially daunting for many people. It takes a great deal of determination to try new treatments, with the knowledge that … Continue reading “Finding Help for Treatment-Resistant Depression”

    Life After Rehab: How to Plan for Aftercare

    While rehab is a place to begin recovery, it’s only the first step in a long journey. During your program, you’ll start learning how to build a better life. This carefully curated environment may include individual and group therapy, recreational activities, and medical treatment. Most rehab programs are designed to temporarily protect you from external … Continue reading “Life After Rehab: How to Plan for Aftercare”

    Attending Rehab as a High-Level Executive

    Addiction can affect anyone, even high-level executives. According to a 2012 study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), people who worked in management had the 3rd highest rate of illicit drug use ((Substance Use and Substance Use Disorder by Industry. Accessed 2 Aug. 2021.)) of any surveyed profession. This … Continue reading “Attending Rehab as a High-Level Executive”

    Everything You Need to Know About Calling a Residential Treatment Center

    If you’re hesitant about calling an addiction treatment center for the first time, you’re not alone. We understand how it can feel like another hurdle to clear on your way to getting reliable residential care.l But whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one, and whether you’ve researched inpatient rehab centers for … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Calling a Residential Treatment Center”

    Trauma-Informed Care: How Rehab Can Support Post-Traumatic Growth 

    Trauma can be an isolating experience. When you go through something so painful that it changes you, it’s natural to feel like no one else can understand your new reality. You may have trouble connecting withl the people around you, or no longer enjoy activities you once found meaningful. No matter how hard it is … Continue reading “Trauma-Informed Care: How Rehab Can Support Post-Traumatic Growth “

    How to Request Time off Work to go to Rehab

    It’s common to feel uncomfortable about asking your employer for time off to attend rehab. Many people struggle to bring the subject up with their workplace. But this could be harmful to your health and job security if it prevents you from getting any treatment you may need. One trap people often fall into is … Continue reading “How to Request Time off Work to go to Rehab”

    How Much Does Rehab Cost? 

    Getting professional help for addiction at an inpatient treatment center is possible even if you don’t have health insurance or a lot of money in the bank.  Residential rehab often entails a significant expense. But the good news is that there are thousands of credible facilities offering treatment programs at various price points, from the … Continue reading “How Much Does Rehab Cost? “

    What to Expect While You’re in Rehab

    Rehab is a place for you to build a sustainable life. In order to do that, you’ll develop healthy daily habits, learn to cope with cravings, and set goals. This is not a simple process. In order to create a better future, you first need to understand what led you to this point. By working … Continue reading “What to Expect While You’re in Rehab”

    Florida Rehab has Something for Everyone

    There is no one right way to heal. When you choose a rehab center, you’re not just choosing a place: you’re also choosing your treatment environment, who you’ll be around, and which therapeutic modalities you’ll have access to. This can be an empowering decision that sets you up for success as you move forward in … Continue reading “Florida Rehab has Something for Everyone”

    What You Need to Know About Detox

    Detoxing from alcohol or other substances is often the first step in addiction treatment. In fact, many people have their first-ever encounter with the treatment system through detox. And as with any first step, this stage of recovery can profoundly impact the rest of your journey. As you plan for treatment, you may find yourself … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Detox”

    Why do so Many People Choose to go to Rehab in California?

    When you think of California, beaches, travel and sunshine come to mind. It’s a place people go to soak up sun and unwind. But some head to the Golden State for another reason: to heal. California is home to some of the highest-quality addiction treatment centers in the world. They’re known to attract highly trained … Continue reading “Why do so Many People Choose to go to Rehab in California?”

    What Happens If I Relapse?

    Rehab is just the first step in making long-term changes to your lifestyle. Because many people choose to go to rehab in response to a crisis, it’s easy to approach this process with a sense of urgency. In the moment, that urgency is warranted. However, when you’re so focused on the short term, it can … Continue reading “What Happens If I Relapse?”

    Luxury Rehab: The Benefits of Comfort in the Recovery Journey

    When you think of rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, “luxury” might not be the first word that comes to your mind. But there are many paths to healing from addictions and other behavioral or mental health conditions. And for some, a comfortable or even upscale setting can provide the ideal conditions for getting the … Continue reading “Luxury Rehab: The Benefits of Comfort in the Recovery Journey”

    Colorado Rehabs: A Beautiful Backdrop for Creating Life Change

    Rehab is an opportunity for all-around healing. Although you will receive clinical care during your stay, that care is just one aspect of the experience. You’ll also get to connect with people at a similar point in their lives, develop healthy new habits, and redefine your own wants, needs, and goals. In order to do … Continue reading “Colorado Rehabs: A Beautiful Backdrop for Creating Life Change”

    Should I Get Help for My Drinking? Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism

    When we think of “alcoholism,” the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t an accurate reflection of how alcohol addiction really works. Unfortunately, stigmas and media portrayals of alcoholism leave us all with the impression that an “alcoholic” is someone who acts belligerently, who’s lost everything and whose life is in shambles. But the … Continue reading “Should I Get Help for My Drinking? Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism”

    Anxiety Treatment Options Explained: Virtual, Outpatient and Residential Care

    As someone intimately familiar with anxiety, you already know there’s no simple explanation for what causes your anxiety or even why you feel anxious some days and not others. Everyday life is full of different triggers. On top of that, today many of us are also facing the additional stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic: sheltering … Continue reading “Anxiety Treatment Options Explained: Virtual, Outpatient and Residential Care”

    Resources for Addiction Relapse During COVID-19

    Over the past year, COVID-19 has touched virtually every aspect of our lives. And as this uncertain time persists, so do the challenges it poses to mental health. For those in addiction recovery, this can also mean a greater risk of relapse as stresses mount and in-person support is harder to come by. If this … Continue reading “Resources for Addiction Relapse During COVID-19”

    The Dangers of Self-Isolation During Lockdown: “Lurking Loneliness and Depression”

    The following is a guest blog post by one of the current advertisers on, Villa Paradiso, which has two locations: Villa Paradiso Tunisia and Villa Paradiso Spain. Seeing your parents, friends, family and colleagues only using videochat on your phone. Spending the whole day between four walls, with your walk to the supermarket as the highlight … Continue reading “The Dangers of Self-Isolation During Lockdown: “Lurking Loneliness and Depression””

    Single Client Rehabs: A Guide to the Ultimate in Luxury Rehab

    The Kusnacht Practice in Zurich, Switzerland There is a new luxury treatment option growing in popularity worldwide. And it takes the form of single client addiction centers. This means that these innovative, highly confidential—therefore ideally suited to high profile business people, celebrities and politicians—luxury rehab centers treat one person only in an exclusive environment. A … Continue reading “Single Client Rehabs: A Guide to the Ultimate in Luxury Rehab”

    How COVID-19 Affects Those With Eating Disorders: 12 Tips for Staying Healthy

    With permission, we are sharing the following post written by Fiona Yassin, Clinical Director at The Wave Youth Clinic: “I feel like I am sharing a living hell with my Eating Disorder.” The current challenges of COVID-19 and isolation are affecting young people and challenging those with Eating Disorders globally. Eating Disorder Recovery or Remission Eating … Continue reading “How COVID-19 Affects Those With Eating Disorders: 12 Tips for Staying Healthy”

    The World’s Top 6 Places for Natural Healing

    Location can be a large part of recovery. Where you are in the world will set your mood, provide you with the right nourishment and help you eradicate bad habits. The right location will offer you a cathartic release from negativity, give you a chance to reflect and learn, and help you slow down and process … Continue reading “The World’s Top 6 Places for Natural Healing”

    What Does it Cost to go to Rehab in Malibu (And Why do so Many People Pay)?

    Want to compare Malibu treatment options? Check out our collection of 25+ luxury Malibu rehabs. We’ve compiled pricing info, treatment specializations, and other key differentiators to help you find the best rehab option in Malibu. It probably comes as no surprise to hear that attending rehab in Malibu is expensive. It’s where Mel Gibson, Lindsey … Continue reading “What Does it Cost to go to Rehab in Malibu (And Why do so Many People Pay)?”

    “The Land of Smiles”: Rediscover Peace With Rehab in Thailand

    Watch: The LuxuryRehab team visited Thailand to learn more about its unique appeal as a treatment destination. Between 1946 and 2019, Thailand was under the rule of a man named Bhumibol Adulyadej. Adulyadej was the ninth ruler of Thailand, and in 1987, he was conferred as King Bhumibol the Great. King Bhumibol the Great spread … Continue reading ““The Land of Smiles”: Rediscover Peace With Rehab in Thailand”

    Athletes and Addiction: Can You Attend Rehab Without It Becoming a Headline?

    We all know the Lance Armstrong story. Truth be told, that doping scandal was just the tip of the iceberg. From all four corners of the sporting world, professional athletes battle with keeping up with the competition, and performance-enhancing drugs are one such way to do so. But what about when athletes begin abusing drugs … Continue reading “Athletes and Addiction: Can You Attend Rehab Without It Becoming a Headline?”

    Addicted Attorneys: How to Identify Your Addiction and get the Help you Need

    In 2016, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the American Bar Association analyzed the responses ((Krill, Patrick R. JD, LLM; Johnson, Ryan MA; Albert, Linda MSSW The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, Journal of Addiction Medicine: January/February 2016 – Volume 10 – Issue 1 – p 46-52 doi: … Continue reading “Addicted Attorneys: How to Identify Your Addiction and get the Help you Need”

    5 Reasons Yoga Is Used in Addiction Treatment

    Why yoga? Yes, we know what you may be thinking. “Yoga is only for people who are flexible” or “What if I’m not strong enough to do some of the yoga poses.” So, before we delve more into reasons why yoga is used in addiction and mental health treatment, let’s explore who yoga is for. … Continue reading “5 Reasons Yoga Is Used in Addiction Treatment”

    Top 5 Benefits to Going Abroad for Mental Health Treatment

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse ((“Drug Misuse and Addiction.” National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Environmental factors may increase a person’s risk of addiction, including a chaotic home environment and abuse, parent’s drug use and attitude toward drugs, peer influences, community attitudes toward drugs, and poor academic achievement.” There’s no arguing that … Continue reading “Top 5 Benefits to Going Abroad for Mental Health Treatment”

    More Than a Business: The Unique Benefits of a Family-Owned Rehab

    Written by Ben Camp, CEO of RehabPath Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to visit a number (the current count is 19, I believe) of the luxury rehabs listed on our site. I’ve enjoyed meeting the teams behind each one, but have come to particularly appreciate and recognize the unique benefit of … Continue reading “More Than a Business: The Unique Benefits of a Family-Owned Rehab”

    Rehab Center Accreditation: Does It Matter?

    If you visit the website of a rehab center in the United States, more often than not you’ll find a section dedicated to accreditations from a variety of organizations. For example, Bayside Marin in Northern California has the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation. Interestingly, the … Continue reading “Rehab Center Accreditation: Does It Matter?”

    10 of the World’s Best Luxury Rehab Centers

    When it comes to finding the best addiction treatment, needs can vary drastically from person to person. That means it’s virtually impossible to create a one-size-fits-all list of the best rehabilitation centers in the world. Still, wherever they’re located, most successful rehab programs share a number of traits in common, including excellent facilities, effective treatment … Continue reading “10 of the World’s Best Luxury Rehab Centers”

    How Does Online Aftercare Work?

    Rehab is just one step on the road to long-term recovery. It’s also important to make plans for aftercare, so you’ll continue getting the support you need after inpatient treatment. For many clients, online aftercare is the most accessible option. You may even be able to participate in virtual therapy through your residential rehab program. … Continue reading “How Does Online Aftercare Work?”

    Ibogaine Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

    When you first enter recovery, it can be daunting to consider the road ahead. Especially after substance misuse, which sometimes offers instant gratification, you may be concerned about the slow rhythm of sustainable change. Some clients find it helpful to kickstart this process using ibogaine-assisted therapy. Ibogaine is an alternative medicine, often administered in a … Continue reading “Ibogaine Treatment for Substance Use Disorders”

    Top 5 Reasons Why Spain Is the Perfect Place for Rehab

    Spain is the healthiest country in the world, according to Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index. ((Lee, J. Miller, and Lu Wei. “These Are the World’s Healthiest Nations.” Bloomberg.Com, 24 Feb. 2019, In fact, by 2040, the country is expected to have the highest life expectancy at 86 years old, surpassing the likes of Japan and … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Spain Is the Perfect Place for Rehab”

    Helping With Horses: What You Need to Know About Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

    There’s something about a horse that makes us humans want to do and be better in our own lives. America’s 40th President, Ronald Reagan, once said: “There is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse.” And he’s not the only one to have cherished this bond. Horses have … Continue reading “Helping With Horses: What You Need to Know About Equine Assisted Psychotherapy”

    5 Ways to Help Someone Struggling with Depression

    Watching someone you love struggle through depression can make you feel helpless: you want to offer support, but feel unsure of how to help. With approximately 300 million people worldwide suffering from depression, ((Depression. World Health Organization, 30 Jan. 2020, many of us will at some point be close to someone experiencing this disorder. … Continue reading “5 Ways to Help Someone Struggling with Depression”

    Treating Depression with Ketamine and Psychedelics

    Both ketamine and psychedelics have emerged as increasingly popular therapeutic methods in recent years for those who have been resistant to other forms of depression treatment. While many medical professionals and people who have undergone these treatments attest to their benefits, there are still legitimate concerns being expressed about the potential risks associated with their … Continue reading “Treating Depression with Ketamine and Psychedelics”

    Can You Go to Rehab for Depression?

    If you’re having serious thoughts about suicide or self-harm, immediate help is available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website to chat with an emotional support counselor.  Did you know many luxury rehabs don’t just treat addictions, but mental health and mood disorders like depression, too? In fact, many people … Continue reading “Can You Go to Rehab for Depression?”

    Non-12-Step: A Different Take on Addiction Treatment

    12-Step programs have been a vastly popular component of addiction recovery for the past 80 years. There are over 118,000 Alcoholics Anonymous chapters around the world, and introducing yourself in front of a group of AA meeting attendees has become virtually synonymous with sobriety. But since its inception in the 1930s, a plethora of other … Continue reading “Non-12-Step: A Different Take on Addiction Treatment”

    California Rehabs: What’s Available and What to Ask to Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting

    California is home to more than just breathtaking scenery, iconic beach culture and a world-famous entertainment industry—it also hosts some of the most innovative and effective rehab centers in the world. With its top-notch professionals, state-of-the-art technology, emerging holistic practices and year-round perfect weather, the Golden State is a coveted rehab location. But with seemingly … Continue reading “California Rehabs: What’s Available and What to Ask to Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting”

    The Wave Youth Clinic Opens, Putting Families Back Together in Asia and Beyond

    We are excited to share about an international teen and young adult treatment center who just opened their doors this past month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fiona and her team started The Wave to provide a place where young girls and young boys can go, especially when they seem to be failing other treatment options.

    Luxury Addiction Treatment in Asia: Quality and Affordability in a Postcard-Perfect Setting

    Luxury rehabs in Asia are becoming increasingly popular with treatment seekers from around the world due to their stunning locales, innovative treatment techniques and attractive price points. We take a look at the different aspects of Asian addiction treatment offerings, as well as what to look for in a center if you’re considering treatment there. … Continue reading “Luxury Addiction Treatment in Asia: Quality and Affordability in a Postcard-Perfect Setting”

    Holistic Therapies in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

    The use of holistic therapies in rehab is a highly debated topic. While some experts claim that holistic therapies are the missing piece of effective treatment, others say these alternative therapies lack scientific backing. Still, as modern addiction treatment progresses, these practices are employed more and more in rehabs worldwide. Here, we’ll take a look … Continue reading “Holistic Therapies in Drug and Alcohol Rehab”

    Gambling Addiction: What It Is, How It’s Treated and How to Choose the Right Rehab

    Gambling addiction is more common than most people realize—it’s a global problem that’s only getting worse. Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report on gambling addiction due to its “unprecedented growth.” ((Max, Abbott. The Epidemiology and Impact of Gambling Disorder and Other Gambling-Related Harm. Discussion paper, WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and … Continue reading “Gambling Addiction: What It Is, How It’s Treated and How to Choose the Right Rehab”

    Understanding Eating Disorders and What to Look for in Treatment

    Many misperceive eating disorders as a lifestyle choice. You might even believe some of these stereotypes yourself—that you’re vain, self-absorbed, weak or lazy because of the way you think about food. This simply isn’t true. We all have an emotional reaction to eating food, specific dishes that can elicit feelings or memories. We describe certain … Continue reading “Understanding Eating Disorders and What to Look for in Treatment”

    Rehab in Bali: Healing for the Soul

    It’s called the “Island of the Gods” for a reason—Bali is a place truly unlike any other. This volcanic, Indonesian island located just south of the equator in the Java Sea is brimming with natural and cultural wonders. Blanketed in lush jungle and vibrant green rice terraces, laced with clear-running waterfalls and sacred natural springs, … Continue reading “Rehab in Bali: Healing for the Soul”

    Rehab or Vacation? Resort-Style Rehabs Provide Top-Tier Treatment in Comfort and Style

    Luxury rehab centers are known for combining desirable destinations with the core elements of addiction treatment, including medically supervised detoxification (detox), medication-based treatment, counseling and supplemental holistic therapies. From an outside perspective, it may seem like the perks of an upscale rehab facility are just that: frills that add nothing to the odds of treatment … Continue reading “Rehab or Vacation? Resort-Style Rehabs Provide Top-Tier Treatment in Comfort and Style”

    What to Pack for a 28-Day Stay at Luxury Rehab

    If you or your loved one have enrolled in a treatment program at a luxury rehab, you’ve already done the important part: taking a critical step toward addressing your addiction. To help make sure your primary treatment goes as smoothly as possible, take a minute to think about what you want to bring with you … Continue reading “What to Pack for a 28-Day Stay at Luxury Rehab”

    [Video] Understanding the Relapse Process

    While visiting McLean Borden Cottage as part of our Destinations series, Catherine Milliken, the Program Director gave us an excellent explanation of the “relapse process.” Watch this 3-minute video to get a better understanding of what causes addicts to fall into relapse and how it can be prevented each step of the way.

    Buyer Beware! The Dangers of Referral Fees for Addiction Treatment

    Deciding to look for help is a massive step in the right direction when you’re struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder. However, finding a residential treatment center that meets your or your loved one’s needs can sometimes be an even harder step to take. With an overwhelming number of options and approaches, you … Continue reading “Buyer Beware! The Dangers of Referral Fees for Addiction Treatment”

    Pet-Friendly Rehabs: How Animals Can Aid Your Addiction Treatment

    Completing primary addiction treatment is challenging, even in the best of circumstances. To smooth your path to recovery, addiction specialists may use a range of medication and therapy-based options. One option that’s gained popularity in recent years is pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy (AAT). This type of treatment helps improve your chances of success by … Continue reading “Pet-Friendly Rehabs: How Animals Can Aid Your Addiction Treatment”

    4 Ways Art Therapy Boosts Your Addiction Recovery

    A scene from the art studio at McLean Borden Cottage, a luxury rehab in Maine The first days at rehab can be kind of, well … awkward. You’re in a totally new environment, you’re surrounded by strangers and you’re not sure what to expect. And you have to begin the process of sorting through all … Continue reading “4 Ways Art Therapy Boosts Your Addiction Recovery”

    South African Safari: A Recovery Journey Unlike Any Other

    Taking an African safari for the first time isn’t just an exhilarating adventure, it’s also deeply beneficial to your recovery process. This is something the team at White River Manor well knows, which is why this distinctly South African experience is offered to each of their guests.

    Switzerland: The Best Treatment Money Can Buy?

    It’s no surprise that Switzerland, one of the wealthiest and most discreet countries in the world, has become a hotspot of sorts for luxury addiction and mental health treatment. What might be surprising, though, is the extreme price tag of luxury treatment in Switzerland. The average cost for luxury treatment in Switzerland is about $80,000 … Continue reading “Switzerland: The Best Treatment Money Can Buy?”

    Luxury Treatment Destination: New England

    Get an inside look into New England luxury treatment as we visit McLean Hospital’s Signature Recovery Program. As a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, McLean pairs a level of clinical excellence that is hard to find in addiction treatment with spectacular luxury accommodations.

    Luxury Rehab in South Africa: A Visit to White River Manor

    When my colleague and I were invited to visit a luxury rehab center in South Africa, I was intrigued. I had been to the continent of Africa once before, but never to South Africa. I knew it would be a fun place to visit, but what I quickly discovered upon arrival is that it is an … Continue reading “Luxury Rehab in South Africa: A Visit to White River Manor”

    What Is a Luxury Rehab? (And Why Do They Exist?)

    Every so often you may read in the tabloids and newspapers that a celebrity has gone to rehab, but judging by the pictures that accompany the story, you question whether the celeb has simply gone on vacation. Shouldn’t a good rehab program strip you of material possessions and luxuries so that you can get to know your true self? Is it possible to overcome a debilitating addiction while hanging out poolside and enjoying gourmet food?

    What Are the Consequences of Co-Occurring Disorders?

    If you were diagnosed with cancer and you knew that there was a high chance of dying from it, you would probably seek treatment. Would you do the same for co-occurring disorders? Perhaps you understand that a dual diagnosis describes a person who has both a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. But maybe … Continue reading “What Are the Consequences of Co-Occurring Disorders?”